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Artist: Chris Peters

Album: Passing Lane

Genre(s): Pop/Rock                                                                                                 

Chris Peters is a Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist, in ascending order of personal preference, from Foxborough, MA; a consummate performing artist, his new album being Passing Lane.

chris peters

Track Rating
Bad Luck Comes in Three ★★★★☆
Dorks ★★★★½
Easy Thing To Do ★★★★☆
Luster ★★★½☆
Arrested ★★★★½
45 Degrees ★★★★½
Passing Lane ★★★★½
Hard Feelings ★★★★☆
The Finish Line ★★★½☆
  1. Bad Luck Comes In Three

   The more vintage-sounding song of the album, barring the chorus, as conveyed in both Music and English. The English writing in Bad Luck Comes In Three is (unlike its counterpart) of the kind that is most prominent in the album- picking up very general, universal subjects.

  1. Dorks

 A song whose intent is along the lines of Summer Of 69– forgive the comparison, as Dorks may be better in many respects, but I stick with it because it adds a little more meaning than mere description as a nostalgic rock song. The post produced whoosh (a metallic wind-sweep sound effect) , present in other songs as well, is most suited to this one, working well with the rest of the components to give it a more stellar, and less gritty/earthy rock feel.

  1. Easy Thing To Do

The bass line, not particularly slow, that resolves almost as soon it leaves (only visiting a few familiar locations nearby) gives it the recognizably warm, light hearted, gently swaying yet alert pop vibe that makes up the song.

  1. Luster

A tune that tends to get a little old fashioned, is arranged not unlike previously described, except for a more suitable solo (by which I mean instrumental interlude) instrument than the earlier choices (keyboard, electric guitar), the harmonica.

  1. Arrested

This employs acoustic guitar and strings (vast quantities of it) to runs rings around the standard romantic slow rock song. These effective dynamics on the well-tested and approved style of music make an important (stand-out) difference in its impact.

  1. 45 Degrees

45 Degrees combines many of the elements seen so far with a new sense of dignity, managing to pull this off- no- carry itself with grace.

  1. Passing Lane

A well engineered trippy groove introduces a song that makes heavy- lidded psychedelia sound sunlit and breezy.

  1. Hard Feelings

The best two consecutive tracks on the album are Passing Lane and this one, because Hard Feelings instantly snaps you out of the dully pleasant ambience.

  1. The Finish Line

This is song that manages to preserve and recapture the energy of the rest of the album with the consistency of its steady beat.

Final thoughts: All of the music has a warm and relaxing finish. The sound of fresh steel occasionally deviates from this, but same overall effect remains, however upbeat or distorted or minor the song happens to be.

Picks of the album: Dorks, Arrested, 45 Degrees, Passing Lane

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆