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Music Artist: Natalie Jean

Music Album: Natalie Jean

Record Label: LXE Music Productions Studio

Genre: Jazz and Blues

Natalie Jean is a singer/songwriter who is the daughter of Guy R. Jean, a famous Haitian artist. This self-titled album is her second release and truly gives us a peek into Natalie Jean’s persona. Each track is spunky and bold in whatever it is conveying; with no hint of hesitation. And that is what makes this album easy to love!

Natalie Jean is mostly influenced by artists such as Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Natalie Jean has stated that jazz is her first love and upon listening to her album, one cannot help but be in awe of how well she has paid homage to the genre.


Track Rating
You Are My Everything ★★★★☆
My Man ★★★★½
In The Mood ★★★½☆
Falling Again ★★★★☆
Through With You ★★★★☆
Misbehaving ★★★★☆
I Surrender ★★★★½
Boxed ★★★½☆
I’m Not Ready ★★★★½
Guitar ★★★½☆
I Found You ★★★½☆
Whiskey ★★★½☆

  1. You Are My Everything

You Are My Everything, a soft and smooth ballad, is the perfect beginning to the album. Natalie’s enchanting crooning and lyrics take your heart to a promenade. You Are My Everything is the ideal song for a couple’s first dance at their wedding.

  1. My Man

Here we witness a transition from angelic, soft tongued Natalie Jean to foxy and jazzy Natalie Jean. My Man is not just a “fun song” of a woman drooling over a man.

Upon listening carefully to the lyrics, My Man is about a woman unafraid to express the temptress in her. It is a song that has pushed aside the idea of women as timid creatures, making this track quite empowering. Had this been released in the 1950s, it would have definitely been a chart topper.

  1. In The Mood

An all-enveloping track with a beat that makes you want to swing across the dance floor. In The Mood is a track that stays true to its name.

  1. Falling Again

Save this track for a rainy day and you will not be disappointed. With its rueful charm, Falling Againtickles the ear with lyrics that feel like a high school crush confession. The simple instrumentals complement Natalie Jean’s voice; turning the song into one passionate trip.

  1. Through With You

This track gives us a whole new side of Natalie Jean!The songstress is unafraid to take a walk alongside the blues and owns the song with her gruff and feisty vocals. One cannot help but admire the keyboardist and the hard hitting percussion of the song. It is the kind of song you’d look for to channel your spunky and sassy persona.

  1. Misbehaving

The catchiest song of the entire album… but don’t let its bubbly beat mislead you!It is in this track that Natalie Jean takes a brave stance with lyrics like “A woman needs to be treated right, oh if she’s going to spend the night”; conveying a message of self-empowerment for women – that the need to flirt with someone does not mean they are desperate – and remaining unafraid to embrace her seductive nature.

  1. I Surrender

By far, the most beautiful track on this self-titled album – I Surrender is not just a clichéd love song but is a story of unconditional love. It’s in this track that Natalie Jean lets down the veil and sings with an open honesty of how giving your all to someone is not a sign of weakness. I Surrender with its open and heartwarming style pays homage to Celine Dion (not surprising since she is one of Natalie Jean’s inspirations).

  1. Boxed

What impresses me is that in spite of its rawness, Natalie Jean’s vocals ring with such clarity that you cannot help but pay attention. Boxed, compared to the rest of the album, is more pop but that doesn’t make the track any less enjoyable.

  1. I’m Not Ready

A beautiful and heavenly track!The lyrics don’t hesitate to takevicious pulls at your heart.That, combined with an emotionally powered voice, might leave one a sobbing mess. The background vocals bring a ghostly harmonization that reminds one of a lost love.

   10. Guitar

Guitar is the kind of song that seems to be out of a James Bond movie. It has a 1950’s feel to it and gives a twist with the sudden electric guitar.The song was so well produced that it does not seem in the least bit out of place. It may not be heart wrenching or have you dancing, but it is still a song worth listening to.

   11. I Found You

For anyone who loves chick flicks, I Found You is your tonic. Toe tapping rhythms and lyrics that are like a compilation of teenage love notes makes this the track for a summer time love affair.

   12. Whiskey

In spite of its blues and country blend, Whiskey doesn’t quite stand out as well as the others but that doesn’t stop Natalie Jean from showing off her husky and hard hitting vocals.

Final Thoughts: Natalie Jean is the kind of album that leaves you wanting more. It is an album that not only focuses on love and loss but the various aspects of it: from passionate seduction to being comfortable with one’s own self.

Pick of the Album: My Man,Through with You, I Surrender, I’m Not Ready

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆