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Music Artist: Leonino

Album: Naked tunes

Producers:  Jorge González

Genre(s): Pop                                                                                                          

 Leonino’s Naked Tunes is a minimalistically direct and very personable approach to a solo pop album. Full of repetition in its lyrics, musical dynamics is the primary communicator of ideas- a policy I’ve always dug and that looks to be the perfect way to go solo: It puts you in a one on one conversation with the singer as the instrumentals form the location of the meeting.


Track Rating
I Think We Should Be Friends ★★★★☆
Don’t Change Your Mind ★★★★½
My Time Is Gonna Come ★★★★☆
My Love Will Set You Free ★★★★☆
Not A Sound ★★★★☆
How Many Times Did You Save My Soul ★★★★☆
It Wasn’t Mean To Me ★★★★☆
After The Big War ★★★★☆
Down By The River ★★★★☆
There Is A Light ★★★★☆

    1. I Think We Should Be Friends

   The zazziest song of the album, depicting energetic leisure activity- it is sure to be, and seems to be channeling, somebody’s idea of a fun time.

  1. Don’t Change Your Mind

 The easy quiet demeanor is refreshing in a (modern hip-hop infused) pop song. Not even availing of the bias that stereotypes old components such as those used in the song (harmonica and piano), the sophistication comes from the tasteful restraint in the playing of these instruments (by Leonino himself). The bass in particular captured my attention- it spoke soft and clear.

  1. My Time is Gonna Come

The music and lyrics are close-knit, which is why the song seems to make perfect sense. Leonino has a talent for a straightforward fluency in his songwriting.

  1. My Love Will Set You Free

A folk song that builds purely favorable anticipation for the exciting event ahead- being set free from love.

  1. Not A Sound

Another song about anticipation for an event, but this time one that is more universal. It differs from most of the album by being more apparently symbolic. Oh, and the song is (or gives the impression of being) about rain.

  1. How Many Times Did You Save My Soul

A soul number, as usual, of uncompromised quality.

  1. It Wasn’t Mean to Me

Mournful, containing vocal drones of this character.

  1. After The Big War

A folk song sung in a Leonino fashion. It is as dynamic as the other tracks- just more obviously so.

  1. Down By The River

Consider some of the general comments made so far consistently applicable, for one begins to run out of new opinions of Naked Tunes at this point, which is no reason to mar enjoyment. Down By The River perhaps tells a bit more of a story than the rest, and it has nothing to do with the lyrics.

  10. There Is A Light

This review is the reason Leonino is doing what he does (making music). I assure you every song is quite varied and full of much detail. But words can only communicate so much (as one can make of my similar comments on every track). The album makes this point. I can only hope this turns out to be the point where dire necessity breeds the invention of what I have always seen as only fair- a musical music review. Why am I typing this here instead of talking about There Is A Light? Because this is a great closing song – it effectively accompanies the credits, which are, in this case, of a sort.

Final thoughts: A good quality album, produced with much professionalism and natural musical intuitiveness.

Picks of the album: Don’t Change Your Mind

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆