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Artist: Matt Hines 

Producers: S.M.A.R.T. Productions 

Genre: Country/ Pop/ Americana


A young musician/songwriter Matt Hines has very recently made an appearance with three confident songs. A confident song is one that doesn’t give the impression of being an attempt or experiment, instead asserting that it is what it sets out to be.  This means, in theory, that the songs are all equally good but in practice, it is disrupted by an additional entity called the reviewer, as you may see:

Track Rating
As the Crow Flies ★★★★☆
Base It On a Feelin’ ★★★★☆
When You’re Gone ★★★☆☆

1.      As the Crow Flies:

An anticipatory bar of unsyncopated, equally distributed bass, drums and organ greets the listener before giving way to the up-tempo old-time country rhythm that continues through the rest of the song with minor pauses. The lead slide-guitar hits a number of satisfying blue notes to assist the delivery about an alcoholic. It is this blues playing, along with the rhythms and occasional vocal exclamations that makes you think the song is just good fun. Matt Hines sings, with great flavor, of the alcoholic who aims to “prove his love is true”, the object of his affection being anyone’s guess.

2.      Base It On a Feelin’:

A humble song that is assured to at least slightly brighten your three and a half minutes .This is a song that is as energetic as it is romantic, and therefore as good at the beginning of a concert as at the end. Base It on a Feelin’ is all about utilizing time by doing what you feel without over-thinking it, and has effectively prevented me from analyzing it any further.

3.      When you’re gone:

This is a type of song that exists in every form of music, both musically and lyrically- an indication of its beginner-friendliness.  What I’m trying to say- that the song is freely available to a given person, whose body is likely to have always been fully equipped to appreciate it; it is the opposite of an acquired taste. “When you’re gone” could’ve been, say, a slow sad rock ballad if it hadn’t been for the country flavor of Matt Hines’s voice. Another thing that stands out is the slide guitar, which adds a measure of serenity.


Despite his claim to wide ranging influences, from Country (Zac Brown) to RnB (Marvin Gaye) and hymns, his music suggests that Matt Hines hasn’t been confused about what he wants to do… yet.  Confusion isn’t necessarily bad at any point in a career, as long as it doesn’t manifest on a record.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆