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Album: Love Me Do

Record Label: Soyuz

Genre: New Wave, Pop, Rock, Electric

Just as the name suggests, DZIERZYNSKI BITZ / Dzerzhinski Orchestra does not follow the rules of normal song composing. This Slovakia-based group will have heads turning with just the first song. The album Love Me Do has a fresh feeling with its electronics and disco beats. Though the lyrics aren’t in English, the band had produced the album so well that it appeals even to people outside their culture; thanks to its memorable music and unpredictability.


Track Rating
Da y Net ★★★★½
Pozdravliaju ★★★★☆
Nocz ★★★½☆
Love Me Do ★★★★☆
Kvity ★★★★★
Prazdniki ★★★★☆
Dobro Pojalovat’ ★★★★★
Wirazy ★★★½☆
Karta Goroda Starogo ★★★★★
Podmoskovje ★★★★☆
Galstuk ★★★★☆
Vziat’ Siloj ★★★★☆


  1. Da y Net

As soon as the bass starts, one can’t help but lift their head up in curiosity! The track Da y Net definitely doesn’t disappoint. The way the music melds together, its rounder sound – bass and trumpets – with sharper ones, makes this a very hard to resist track. The little instrumental of trumpets is one to look out for;bringing listeners to a daydream of childhood summer.

  1. Pozdravliaju

Quite opposite to its predecessor, the tune of this track is faster with a beat that could be attributed to a heist movie.  But even though Pozdravliaju gives a sharper tone, look out for the dreamy ambiance that its middle will provide you with; but only for a moment, before taking you on a chase again.

  1. Nocz

Its beginning is certainly exhilarating, with the deep bass and sharp strings that give it a well-rounded sound. Nocz pulls us up to a sharp rise and then mellows out.

  1. Love Me Do

Perhaps if this song stood out alone, its appeal would be more.But after following a few tracks of the same rhythm, Love Me Do feels like a continuation to the monotony. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t catchy, owing to its 80s vibe.

  1. Kvity

A refreshing track, Kvity has an underlying of jazz influence which melds with the singer’s voice. Even without knowing the lyrics, I cannot help but jam to this beat!

  1. Prazdniki

Prazdniki hits you like a gust of wind you can’t ignore and end up dancing in. In spite of the similarity to Pozdravliaju, this track breaks out from the rhythm set by its predecessors, taking on more of a rock n’ roll vibe.

  1. Dobro Pojalovat’

When translated the track means Welcome, and the track does justice to its name. Even without understanding the lyrics,you know that this song is a party anthem of some sort. The catchy and peppy tune and the rounded blend of the electronics is infectious.

  1. Wirazy

Wirazy is mellow in a psychedelic way and the instrumental break is the highlight of this one. However, it tends to drag, because unlike the others this track doesn’t quite invoke a feeling.

  1. Karta Goroda Starogo

Another music anthem that will have you moving your body to the flow of music. A tranquil and popping beginning sets a calming flow.As usual, it has an instrumental break in between but for this track it is more smooth and soothing; helping you relax in to the music with ease.

10. Podmoskovje

From the starting chorus choir and the sweet chime to the singer’s electric voice, Podmoskovje will treat you to a roller coaster ride; with music that quite resembles a Christmas tune. I love how the composers made use of sharp sounding instruments in a subtle way, which makes this track so inviting.

11. Galstuk

And the heist vibe is back! Galstukleans toward the rock genre at first, but look out! Once you get comfortable, it drags you out and surrounds you with a short but exciting dance beat.

  1. Vziat’ Siloj

Vziat’ Siloj is another contagious track that might have you playing the entire album all over again. The album ends with a slower rhythm though following the beat of its predecessors, letting us know for one last time, of the music our hearts had just feasted on.

Final Thoughts:Even without understanding the language, one cannot help but commenton how well composed the entire album is. Very few artists can fill their album with experimental music and pull it off and Love Me Do by DZIERZYNSKI BITZ does exactly that. It does not shy away from playing and tweaking each track to give it a varied and unconventional sound that will definitely be a wondrous treat for your ears.

Pick of the Album:Da y net, Kvity, Dobro Pojalovat’, Karta Goroda Starogo

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆