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Artist: Lindsey Webster

Album: Lindsey Webster

Genre(s): Jazz, Soul, R&B

Twenty five year old Woodstock-native,artist and performer Lindsey Webster’s self-titled album was released in May, 2013. The singer’s powerhouse vocals are the crowning glory of this jazz/soul/pop album; with just a touch of rhythm and blues!


Track Rating
Be Cool ★★★★☆
Free ★★★★☆
I Do ★★★☆☆
Static ★★★½☆
Soul Records ★★★★☆
Denied ★★★★½
Press Rewind ★★★½☆
In The Right Place ★★★½☆
Don’t Go ★★★½☆
Choices ★★★★☆
Soul Salvation ★★★★☆
In The Moment ★★★☆☆

 1.       Be Cool

Webster instantly impresses in this track! Her vocals feel effortless, as chill as ice; especially in the chorus. The arrangement really adds to how elegant and laidback this number feels.

2.       Free

This track muddles over a relationship that’s going sour, as the singer feels the need to set her loved one “free”. Entrenched in emotion, Webster’s vocal range is really showcased here. The sax is spellbinding, weaving together an atmosphere of intensity.

3.       I Do

A more mainstream track! Nothing new here, though Webster does an amazing job on the vocals. They carry the right amount of soul; hitting the notes after just the right amount of reflection.

4.       Static

A flurry of piano notes greets us, before the poignancy of the opening lines hit you. The chorus grips you without having you feel completely overwhelmed.The inflection at “And you’ll be just another stranger”, in particular, had me.

5.       Soul Records

Soul Records features instrumentation that has you hooked from the beginning, set to a beat that’s infectious!This is a soul/jazz fusion that will have you tapping your feet along to the “moment” it goes out of its way to create.

6.       Denied

Easily the best track of the album: The pacing is tight. The layered vocals are spot on. The lyrics are darkly relatable. The song feels like it’s on an infinite, irredeemable loop and it definitely gets you charged up!

7.       Press Rewind

A slower, more measured track that feels up-close and personal. The lyrics are beautiful and empowering; they open windows to another perspective. “It might not interest you/But open up your mind/Try to find.”

8.       In The Right Place

While at the danger of getting repetitive after more than a few listens, it’s difficult to ignore the sheer skill and power behind the instrumentals and pipes. “You know my heart is in the right place.” Everything about this track is clean, bold and larger-than-life.

9.       Don’t Go

A soulful rendition, where Webster goes all out. She belts out the chorus in a way that feels straight from the heart; showcasing her incredible vocal range.

10.   Choices

A ballad that takes its time to grow on you. Once Webster hits those notes, it’s like the crux of the song comes alive. Worth listening to, despite the slow beginning.

11.   Soul Salvation

Seems like a plain, almost maudlin track until the jazz instrumental interlude swoops in and sweeps you off your feet. The instrumentals are definitely this track’s everything. It drastically alters your perception of the rest of the track!

12.   In The Moment

Great hook, though the song could’ve picked up a bit in terms of pace. It’s a great choice for the final track. Webster’s pipes and the song’s sunny-albeit-wise disposition is bound to leave a mark!

Verdict: Webster’s vocals are guaranteed to blow you away!

Picks of the album: Static, Soul Records, Be Cool, Press Rewind, Denied

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆