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Artist: Konsept The Genius

Album: Sick II The Fifteens Vol. 6

Genre(s): Hip hop/Rap

Sick II The Fifteens Vol. 6 is a part of Guyanese-American underground rapper Konsept’s mixtape series titled Sick: The Fifteens; mixed by DJ Nominal. 


Track Rating
In The Game (prod. by TNGHT) ★★★☆☆
D.L.S.F ★★★½☆
Forever Gone (feat. Mike) (prod. by Frontier) ★★★★☆
Michael Bay (prod. Chuck Inglish) ★★★★☆
Trippin’ In Tokyo (prod. by TYKU) ★★★½☆
No Hoes No Riches ★★★☆☆
Shawty (prod. by Chilly Madison) ★★★☆☆
Mind Over Matter (prod. by R.E.L The Producer) ★★½☆☆
Fire Burns ★★★★½
Outro ★★★☆☆


 In The Game (prod. by TNGHT)

A hard hitting track, which serves well as an introductory track to the mix. The production is top notch!


Great beats and pacing! This is another track that feels up-close and personal. Everything about it feels slick.

Forever Gone (feat. Mike) (prod. by Frontier)

The beats and mixing do their part in making it a striking track! Konsept’s emceeing succeeds in taking you right to the middle of the action; with scenes that feel resolute and real.

Michael Bay (prod. Chuck Inglish)

This track is the epitome of suave. It appears to progress in a loop, with beats that keep you nodding along.

Trippin’ In Tokyo (prod. by TYKU)

A quirky track, one that’s definitely “out there!” Though this track may not appeal to everyone, it does have a niche appeal. Some of the references are typically exotic.

No Hoes No Riches

Think hip-hop, and a track not very different from this one will pop into your head. The chorus is scary-catchy.

Shawty (prod. by Chilly Madison)

Exactly what you’d expect from a track called “Shawty”. Merry beats, suggestive lyrics… and a chorus that manages to work.

Mind Over Matter (prod. by R.E.L The Producer)

Despite surface-level grit, this track fails to impress. Much of it goes over your head, and is interchangeable with any of the more generic tracks.

Fire Burns

As familiar beats frame the opening, the rapping feels passionate albeit rushed… truly igniting that spark within you. That Burn by Ellie Goulding is sampled here only makes this track more enticing. A party track, for sure!


Konsept signs off here.

Verdict: There’s some definite potential here!

Picks of the album: Fire Burns, Michael Bay, Forever Gone

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆