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Album: Keys of Mine

Artist: Luca Bash

Genre(s): Singer Songwriter, Jam Pop, Funk, Soft Rock, Fusion

Keys of Mine is a rock-fusion album by Italian singer-songwriter Luca Bash. Featuring intricate arrangements, the songs give a very indulgent John Mayer vibe.

Track Rating
1.   Backstage ★★★☆☆
2.  Beyond the Screen  ★★★½☆
3.   Your Tomorrow Dream ★★★½☆
4.   Paradise Cafe ★★★½☆
5.   Forever Like Asleep ★★★½☆
6.   The Sun’s Everlasting Smile ★★★☆☆
7.   Women’s Way (Nu Shu) ★★★½☆
8.   Fair White Lies ★★★☆☆
9. Black Swan’s Walls ★★★½☆
10. Jekyll & Hyde ★★★★☆
11. Crumblin’ Lover ★★★★☆
12. Millennium Idiot ★★★☆☆
13. In My Place ★★★★☆
14. Love and Lust ★★★½☆
15. Upwind ★★★★☆

1. Backstage

Featuring some brilliant arrangements, Backstage gets the album onto a good start.

2. Beyond the Screen

A snazzy song with the sax taking away the honours, Beyond the Screen sees some premium music work.

3. Your Tomorrow

A super smooth backing track marks this song, with a nice bassline and jazz organs in the mix.

4. Paradise Cafe

A melodic rock track, the guitars are in fine form and breeze through the song.

5. Forever Like Asleep

Another guitar-driven track, Forever Like Asleep follows a proven route.

6. The Sun’s Everlasting Smile

An easy-listening number, this sombre track is smooth jazz all the way.

7. Women’s Way (Nu Shu)

Women’s Way finds its groove somewhere along the track, and never looks back.

8. Fair White Lies

Beginning eerily, Fair White Lies sounds more dramatic than the rest of the tracks.

9. Black Swan’s Walls

Black Swan’s Walls is proper rocker, and doesn’t lose steam through the track.

10. Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde follows a narrative and is an epic-rock track that warrants careful listening.

11. Crumblin’ Lover

Crumblin’ Lover is a mellow track, with local flavour thrown in for good measure.

12. Millennium Idiot

A super-funky guitar track opens this number with a lot happening as the track unfolds.

13. In My Place

In My Place is a soft-rock number that features intriguing arrangements and a classic sax solo.

14. Love and Lust

With Love and Lust, Luca Bash and band come full circle with their music and the track adds variety to the album.

15. Upwind

Upwind is a downtempo number that sounds relaxed and knows where it’s going – a fitting end to the album.

Verdict: Keys of Mine is a delight for all blues and rock lovers.

Picks of the album: In My Place, Upwind

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆