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Artist: Daniel Carbajal

EP: Karbala War

Production: Musical autodidact Educa


Daniel Carbajal, a South American artist, whose music is primarily influence by the metal of the 80s and 90s, became known to music in the form of a guitarist from a local death metal band call Mortofobia . Musical autodidact Education now publishes his first musical works in this self-styled EP.

The track starts off with brilliant, scintillating strings that leave you in absolute awe. The track begins in a magnificent way that quite literally stops you midway so that the track emerges as the one thing that will ever be noticed at that point of time.  The beautiful way the keys blend in with the strings, is probably what it means when they say that a great beginning is equal to getting half the work done. The lyrics slowly give way to the track that has already established blissful magnificence through its acoustics.

The vocals also have quite the reverberating effect on the listener that the strings do. The best part of the track is probably the way it doesn’t waver in its deliverance, as it shows consistency throughout. The music brings life to the track in a way that is unmatched by all other aspects. The only complaint if the audience would be the way the vocals crack during the delivery, which in a way seems disturbing. But the artist seems to make up for that in more than one way. The ending is simply marvelous, which has got quite the grand vibe to it than the beginning.

Track Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Track Verdict: Brilliant.