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Music Artist: Kevin Mongelli

Music Album: Insperato: Take the Journey

Kevin Mongelli

Track Name Rating
Insperato ★★★★☆
Beyond the heart ★★★★½
Darker Days ★★★★☆
Rhythm of the Moment ★★★☆☆
Train to Despair ★★★★½
The Sunrise Waltz ★★★★☆
Unafraid ★★★★☆

 1.      Insperato

Just playing a bunch of keys, is what the beginning leads you into believing, but the grandness of the track comes alive as it progresses. The depth of the untold feelings, the hidden words, the sheer power music is beautifully captured in this one.

2.      Beyond the heart

If just instruments could tell a tale, beyond words, then this artist has nailed it absolutely. After listening to this track, you can’t help but smile at the apt way the track has been named.

3.      Darker Days

The emotions are quite unfathomable in this one. But Kevin, even while luring the listener manages capture the attention with the ingenuity of his talent and purity of the music in a rather beatific manner.

4.      Rhythm of the Moment

As much as one wouldn’t want it to be true, this track somewhere lacks the spark and seems much more like the previous track only with less nuances. But the track on its own speaks volumes on the calmness of life, probably talking the reflecting upon the moment.

5.      Train to Despair

This one surely reminds of Beethoven, ‘cause to put it simple the track manages to say just so much with simple tunes. Truth be told, the track says much more than just despair. It takes us through emotions that can never said in words. Probably the best track of the album.

6.      The Sunrise Waltz

The track paints a serene picture of a waltz that can only be dreamt of. The track, with all delicateness manages to lightly touch the strings of our heart as it makes us oblivious to the world around with its depth.

7.      Unafraid

Yes, you know by now, that the artist has got a true talent for instrumental music, and he’s more than a natural with keys. As the album ends, you only wish it wouldn’t.

Album Verdict: Brilliant.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆