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Artist: Aries Marquis

Album: Imperfections

Genre: Hip-hop, pop

The upcoming singer-songwriter, Aries Marquis has come up with his very own EP which is supposedly based on the true events of his life.


Track Name Rating
Just Us ★★★★☆
Love me for me ★★★★½
Ole Scotlandville ★★★★½
Please Tell me ★★★★☆
Touching ★★★★½

 1.      Just us

The track starts off with a much relaxed note along with a voice crooning to its rhythm that blends completely. The track flows with much ease and gives the track a happy vibe. The lyrics more than compliment the track’s spontaneity.

2.      Love me for me

The music is definitely more thumping than other tracks in the album and can be easily enjoyed. The track has been beautifully composed with the lyrics blending in perfectly well with the track’s continuity. The chorus is possibly the best part o the track.

3.      Ole Scotlandville

Some old school rap is what the album needed and the artist delivers it aptly well. This track reminds you of the good old days of MJ and his contemporaries in many ways than one. The perfect transition to the pop beats from the rap zone is a rather smooth one and one that is absolutely relished.

4.      Please Tell Me

The artist is good at one thing and we need to give to him, justifying the genre to its core. A perfect hip-hop with the right amount of pop makes it every bit enjoyable. The tracks just keep getting better and making us want for more.

 5.      Touching

It’s amazing how the artist manages to bring in the old spark with his music and yet remain so novel. This song is easily the best of all the tracks and just about redefines the contemporary music with his own personal touch. He surely is the next big thing.

Album Verdict: Miss the good old charm? Then this is the album for you.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆