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Artist: The Muddy Gems

Album: Home Training

Genre(s): Blues, Rock n Roll

The husband and wife duo who have been significantly loved for their covers, released their album of originals, ‘Home Training’. The couple from Virginia will take you back to the simpler times of the 60s with their easy-breezy bluesy music. Each song seems to have a specific, dominant sound which together give the whole album a very sweet appeal. The Muddy Gems try to do something different on almost each track and surprise you at every moment as the album progresses.

Track Rating
1. Beautiful Poison ★★★★☆
2. Out In The Street ★★★☆☆
3. Proverb Song ★★★☆☆
4. Mississippi Shuffle ★★★☆☆
5. That Aint Right ★★★☆☆
6. Miss You ★★★½☆
7. Tail Light Blues ★★★★☆

1. Beautiful Poison

This song finds Johnny Rockford taking the lead and lending his voice to one of the better written songs on the album. A great combination of the strings and percussion gives the song an upper hand as compared to the others, and thus, making it a good opener.

2. Out In The Street

 Even though the male half of the duo takes the lead vocals, the spotlight is on his wife who boasts her flautist skills quite beautifully here. The track, thus, shines the brightest but sadly, the best moment of the album comes rather too soon into the 7-track compilation.

3. Proverb Song

 They try a new thing here. The mood of the album goes, rather abruptly, from blue to rock and there isn’t time to adjust to the change. The smoothness aside, the song is pleasing if heard individually. Within the context of the album, though, it sounds misplaced.

 4. Mississippi Shuffle

Just like that, we go back to the good old blues, with an additional touch of country, which is welcome. From here on, we see a shift of focus on melodies rather than vocals and lyrics, with comparatively longer solos for each member to flaunt their respective set of skills.

 5. That Aint Right

Laurel Rockford once again takes the mic, after Proverb Song and does a better job on this one. The song is well arranged and does not sound complicated or rehearsed. It sounds fun and would make a great shower song.

6. Miss You

Johnny is back in the lead and so is the flute for this lone mellow song on the album, with a simple acoustic guitar playing the dominant role. This is a sweet song, and definitely one to look out for on Home Training.

7. Tail Light Blues

 A perfect song to end with, here we see Laurel helping Johnny out with the vocals accompanied by some of the best guitar work to be heard on the entire collection. The elongated solo was a very good idea executed skilfully, adding a spark to the finish of Home Training.

Verdict: Even though lacking a structured theme, Home Training finds its direction towards the end and the tracks meanwhile introduce a new element as it progresses.

Picks of the Album: Beautiful Poison, Out In The Street

Overall rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆