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Music Artist: Moro & The Silent Revolution

Album:Home Pastorals

Record Label: Gamma Pop

Genre: Pop, Acoustic & Folk

Home Pastorals is the third album, but the first name to Moro & the Silent Revolution.Do not be fooled by its folk and pop songs because each track reveals a deeper meaning. The members responsible for this soothing album are Moro/ Massimiliano Morini (vocals, guitar), Lorenzo Gasperoni (guitars) and Francobeat Naddei (keyboards, drums, mixing and mastering).


Track Rating
City Pastoral ★★★★☆
You Deserve ★★★☆☆
Blameslessness ★★★★☆
Down ★★★½☆
Holy Darkness ★★★★½
Wooden Soul ★★★★½
Home Away ★★★½☆
Sun Kid ★★★★☆
Home Pastorals ★★★½☆
Spike Milligan ★★★★½
The 11 Years ★★★½☆
Golden ★★★★☆


  1. City Pastoral

City Pastoral is a light heartedtrack that reminds one of a simpler and easy time. By giving an imagery of the country side, this track has a more authentic tone than the rest of the track.

  1. You Deserve

This track carries a message about working for what you want, breaking boundaries and choosing your own path. It is a pop song that will have you bobbing your head and admiring the fade out rhythm at the end.

  1. Blameslessness

Blamelessness is a song about growing up.In spite of its upbeat and fun tune, it contains a serious message.

  1. Down

The beautiful and well-coordinated harmonization in Down accentuates the grief in the singer’s plain yet melancholic voice.There are very few songs that can make you feel relaxed and sad at the same time.

  1. Holy Darkness

The somber tone of this track matches the title perfectly.A beating heart would be the perfect metaphor to use for Holy Darkness;with its slow harmony tendrils reaching out and then pulling back in tothe well-rounded tune. I recommend this track.It is worth listening to!

  1. Wooden Soul

In Wooden Soul, the sharp acoustic guitar is my favorite. The track also does a lovely transition from sharp tones to a sweeter one at the chorus: ‘We’re still smoldering, let us in, let us in’. The guitar dynamics is hard to ignore in this one.

  1. Home Away

Home Away is quite different from its previous track with its fuller sound. Not only is it a catchy tune but it also has very sweet lyrics!

  1. Sun Kid

Sun Kid is a beautifully orchestrated track; having that sweet flow of music contradicted by the sharp harmonization of the harmonica makes it an interesting listen.

  1. Home Pastorals

A soul soothing song for rainy days, Home Pastorals is the track that will grab your attention with the singer’s resonating voice and its well-assembled instrumentals.

      10. Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan is by far my favorite track – not only is it personal and honest but in its soft approach to telling a story, itis a humble and grounded track.

      11. The 11 Years

The instrumentals are more elaborate and tend to drown out the singer’s vocals.However, with its more upbeat and pop tempo, the track’s rhythm and harmonization makes this a feel good type of track!

      12. Golden

Golden gives out a very peaceful and cared for feel as an acoustic track. A great track choice for closing the album with the lyrics – ‘Wear our golden age like a sun under your skirt, take it on your travels where your lover waits alone. Just remember to rename it call it dawn’.

Final Thoughts: Home Pastorals is well-grounded and simple.Each track was well balanced in its instrumentals and lyrics, giving its listeners an entertaining listen while delivering its core message. This album is a definite pick for those who enjoy folk and acoustic music.

Pick of the Album: Holy Darkness, Wooden Soul, Spike Milligan

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆