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Music Artist: The Agency Operative

Album: Guerrilla Tactics


Track Name Rating
King Kong ★★★½☆
Eyes of the Beholder ★★★★☆
Lost in the Concrete Jungle ★★★☆☆
So Hot ★★★☆☆
Get it Together ★★★★☆
Score to Settle ★★½☆☆
The Truth of the Matter is ★★★☆☆
Same Ol Song ★★★★½
Final Straw ★★★☆☆
Sacrifice ★★½☆☆
On the Line ★★★☆☆
Keep it Movin ★★★★½
Cry No More ★★★☆☆
What Did I Do? ★★½☆☆
Jungle Fever ★★½☆☆
Where Do We Go From Here? ★★★☆☆
Guerrilla Tactics ★★★★☆
  1. King Kong

The beginning of the track is just great and unique. It is almost like an elusive prelude into a movie and as the track progresses, the lyrics pretty much make up much of the track’s charm and rhythm.

  1. Eyes of the Beholder

This one delves right into it without much ado, and despite the lack of variety the track stands well composed the way it, thanks to its lyrics and the well orchestrated use of lyrics and notes.

  1. Lost in the Concrete Jungle

The interludes in this track are perfectly timed. Although the track pretty much seems like a rip-off of the previous one, it still manages to be unique. And the artist’s ingenuity is seen here.

  1. So Hot

This one has got a peppy touch to it, thus seeing a noticeable change in the rhythm of the tracks in the album. The artist manages to avoid monotony so that tracks don’t seem much alike the previous ones.

  1. Get it Together

Though the beginning of the track comes across as dull, the much perfected rap teamed with the lyrics works wonders in this one.

  1. Score to Settle

This track could have used some tweaks here and there as the track starts to sound too plain and the lyrics don’t really work the magic in this one.

  1. The Truth of the Matter is..

The artists keeps the momentum of the album going by making the rap more interesting and cool with each song. The lyrics only add to the magic that the rap creates.

  1. Same Ol Song

The music in this one is noticeably pleasant and makes the track groovy in a way. The offbeat notes give it an edge over other tracks.

  1. Final Straw

There are surely some strong elements in here and they seem to work in favour of the track and one can’t really complain about this one despite the blatant lack of variety.

   10. Sacrifice

The artist may have got it going good up until now, but with this one the monotony really gets to you. How about a change in the rhythm? Something that hasn’t been heard of before? This song just doesn’t seem to have life in it. It’s hard to tell if the artist was really go for something of the sorts.

   11. On the Line

The chorus of the track is particularly good and the rap gives us a semblance of hope for a change in the rhythm in the tracks to come.

   12. Keep It Movin’

The much anticipated change in the acoustics and beats finally arrives with this as the artist manages to keep the album going up and about. The track also opens new expectations from the artist at the same time.

   13. Cry No More

The song kind of sounds morose by this point of time in the album, when all the audience looks for is for some novelty which the artist fails to offer. Hopefully, the remaining tracks will keep up the good work.

   14. What Did I Do?

Again, the same has to be said about this track as well. When the album is this long, this often ends to happen.

   15. Jungle Fever

The artist tries to experiment with the genre here and turn it into something novel but it sadly enough, it doesn’t quite cut it and makes it rather a feeble to redeem for the previous track.

   16. Where Do I Get From Here?

Well, this track could have done better if not for the continuity of the recursive nature of the album which will have rendered the listener rather insensitive to any new trend in the track.

   17. Guerilla Tactics

One can give this to the artist, at least the title track is saved from the horror of monotony and manages to stand out. The track has probably got the best lyrics in the entire album.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆