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Music Artist: Hooyoosay

EP: Googly Goo

Genre: Electropop

Hooyoosay’s EP, Googly Goo is unashamedly happy music! It is a product of a music collaboration project, one whose collaborators are anonymous and constantly changing.


Track Rating
  1. Googly Goo
  1. Googly Goo Instrumental
  1. Tare Too Te Rut Te
  1. Tare Too Te Rut Te Instrumental


1. Googly Goo

Googly Goo features sunny tunes and what sounds like a very young vocalist. It is said to express “the immense joy of a young kid discovering this fascinating online world when wiping a tablet”.The beats are eclectic; it’s hard to put them in any sort of box. It sounds like a bunch of musicians on a break, having a good time!

The melody varies between carefree and majestic-sounding but it’s really about the effect it has on you: the way it frees up your mind and lets you live in that (crazy and delightful) moment!

2. Googly Goo Instrumental

The focus here is more on the quality of the beats than the sentiment of “googly goo”. The pace feels more heightened, and the composition more varied.It’s an energizing instrumental, almost as endearing as the original version.

3. Tare Too Te Rut Te

This track feels a bit more coordinated than the previous track. The vocals are varied, adding to the diversity and perplexity of the arrangement. The song is said to be another way of shouting “We feel fine”, “We’re so glad” “We’re Alright.” The sentiment is felt in every syllable. It feels like a collective celebration of intrinsic jubilation.

4. Tare Too Te Rut Te Instrumental

The instrumental version isn’t as satisfying as the previous track. The vocals, even if they consisted of a whole lot of “nanana”s, really were the soul of the song!

Verdict: Happy and catchy tunes that set you free!

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆