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Artist: Tony Clarke

Album: Good Mornin’ Mr. Mornin’


Genre(s): Country, Singer/Songwriter


The circumstances that led to the making of this album were terrible- the passing away of the artist’s father. But this seems to have stimulated not just personal songwriting, but a great deal of positivity in Tony Clarke’s debut, Good Mornin’ Mr. Mornin’.

Track Rating
Love Is All There Is ★★★★½
You And Me ★★★★☆
I’m A Country Star ★★★½☆
Good Mornin’ Mr Mornin’ ★★★★☆
The Guard Just Strums His Fingers ★★★★☆
Rain Upon My Hat ★★★★☆
Chains ★★★½☆
Sometimes ★★★½☆
Gotta Get Closer Now ★★★½☆
Here Comes That Song Again ★★★★½
Sweet Sound Of Country ★★★☆☆
Take A Walk With Me ★★★★☆
              Hey Ho ★★★½☆
               Stay With Me ★★★½☆

  1. Love Is All There Is

Slick production is the first impression projected off this sunny Country-pop number. It also introduces the band, and the sort of sounds they can make. The fade-out ending leaves you still feeling the groove when the music stops.

  1. You and Me

 A different Country- pop song with the same emotion, albeit more pacified and rural.

  1. I’m A Country Star

And here is the cowboy music you might have waited to this point for. My advice to you is, don’t eat too greedily; there’s more up ahead. The songs I’ve grouped into one type are all laid down by country tradition and leave plenty of room for the lyrics to be heard.

  1. Good Mornin’ Mr. Mornin’

A song of the above format with humorous lyrics. His method to these songs would appear to be smoothly produced classic country.

  1. The Guard Just Strums His Fingers

The only Country- Rock song in the album, The Guard Just Strums His Fingers includes the foreign elements of Western film scores.

  1. Rain Upon My Hat

Tony Clarke is in the zone with yet another modest country number, with new humorous lyrics. This stage of the album makes for a great experience while performing another activity.

  1. Chains

The procedural country song returns. Clarke may be versatile enough to make equally good country rock and pop, but it is evident that this is what he prefers.

  1. Sometimes

Sometimes is a song of mournful resignation casino spiele after a failed relationship. It keeps the wheel of heart-break music rolling.

  1. Gotta Get Closer Now

Perhaps written as a sequel to Good Mornin’ Mr. Mornin’, Gotta Get Closer Now is equally well performed.

    10. Here Comes That Song Again

The song that set off the rest of the album, and what was to become Tony Clarke’s new career. A slow Western swing plays contentedly on as the folk melody takes you through the mixed emotions. The song recollects the experience of growing up with country music around the house, which has, speaking for all the songs, no doubt cultivated his ability to express himself very directly with the genre.

   11. Sweet Sound Of Country

It connects me to a 70-80s pop tune and, though enthusiastic, I find it too straight to demonstrate the sweet sound of country.

   12. Take A Walk With Me

A brief Rockabilly love song is exactly what the moment called for.

   13. Hey Ho

The familiar country form again, and just like in the others, he nails the rhythm. It doesn’t matter that other steps to the traditional recipe haven’t been followed- nasal vocal twang, the honky tonk bar themes and the honky tonk roughness- the atmosphere is still authentically country.

   14. Stay With Me

The finisher is appropriately sentimental. In the second half, he takes to playing a guitar solo that smells of the freshly washed/rinsed/bathed. This is instrumental to ensuring the listener doesn’t get tired even after fourteen tracks.

Final thoughts: The musical style of Tony Clarke is as far from jarring as can be. What impends from this squeaky cleanliness is that it falls below some highly specific standards of masculinity set by country music in the past, and wholly lacks grit. But that’s what makes it what it is. The album transports you to a completely innocent and carefree version of the rural American landscape.

Picks of the album: Here Comes that Song Again, Good Mornin’ Mr. Mornin’, Rain upon my hat, Take A Walk With Me

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆