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Album: Faith & Whiskey

Artist: Voodoo Kings

Genre(s): Indie Rock

Faith & Whiskey is an album that sounds contemporary yet traditional and knows to stick to its guns. Featuring nice melodies, Voodoo Kings do a fine job in the indie rock space.

Track Rating
1.   Eyes On You ★★★★☆
2.   Lonely Street ★★★★☆
3.   She Dreams ★★★★☆
4.   King of Nothing ★★★½☆
5.   Sacrifice We Make ★★★☆☆
6.   New Found Glory ★★★½☆

1. Eyes On You

Featuring mighty catchy riffs, Eyes On You makes for a perfectly good song to groove to.

2. Lonely Street

Another guitar-driven track, this one has touches of country and folk to it. Lines like “I’m dancing with my heart down on lonely street” add appeal to the song.

3. She Dreams

American roots and blues come together in this sprightly track filled with evocative imagery.

4. King of Nothing

A simplistic stripped-down song, King of Nothing surprisingly strikes a chord with its carefree nature.

5. Sacrifice We Make

You feel a vague familiarity in Sacrifice We Make, a song that just feels really comforting to listen to.

6. New Found Glory

New Found Glory embraces the pathos path the album has taken, and gracefully at that.

Verdict: An album that truly embraces its roots, Faith & Whiskey is aptly named after its no-nonsense appeal.

Picks of the album: Eyes On You, She Dreams

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆