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Artist: Madelyn Victoria

Genre(s): Country

Texas-born Madelyn Victoria’s new EP sounds decidedly like a sweet addition to the genre, with its faithfully melodious songs. Being an early performer, Madelyn’s mettle is consistently shown across this polished EP, where she croons about love, attraction, passion, and whatnot.  Here’s a breakdown of the tracks:

Track Rating
1.     Hold On ★★★★☆
2.     Breaking My Heart Again ★★★☆☆
3.   He Only Loves Me On The Dance


4.     Wild Ride ★★★½☆
5.     Sand in a Bottle ★★★☆☆

1. Hold On

This New Country track shines from the start with its delightful lines ‘Hold me under the moonlight, Hold me under the stars…’ Sprightly and comforting, this one’s a real delight to listen to.

2. Breaking My Heart Again

Carrying the energy from the previous track, Madelyn continues in fine form in this swing-bluesy track. The lead guitar deserves special mention, with it contributing majorly to the proceedings.

3. He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor

The feature track of the EP, Madelyn’s vocals noticeably hold conviction while an heard-before feelings lurks around the track. Overlooking the formulaic structure, this number finds solid grounding amid its place in the EP.

4. Wild Ride

Taking things up a notch, this track delivers the change in pace the EP was craving. Upbeat and riotous, this one aims for the dance-like-no one’s-watching vibe and keeps things entertaining throughout.

5. Sand in a Bottle

The finisher goes back to where the EP started, and takes some time finding its groove. A bit oddly paced, it grows on you after a few listens,with the fiddle outro setting things all right.


Madelyn Victoria offers a complete country package with her new EP, and delivers a pleasing and sound performance.

Picks of the EP: Hold On, Wild Ride

Overall rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆