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Artist: Don Kesson

Album: Drinking With The Angels

Producers:  Matt Harvey

Genre(s): Country/folk 


As yet another live performance- toned artist puts out his first album, fans of realism in music, stay appeased.  Don Kesson’s album lets musicianship excel, with songs written for this purpose by Charlie  Sharkey that may be described as stable (of a standard).

Track Rating
Broken Stones ★★★★☆
Winds Of Change ★★★★☆
Cotton Jenny ★★★★☆
Maybe Someday ★★★½☆
Drinking With The Angels ★★★★½
Beautiful Morning ★★★★½
Wicked Woman ★★★★½
The Hustler ★★★½☆
Nothing to Regret ★★★½☆
Thinking About You ★★★½☆
  1. Broken Stones

   A brisk, sentimental folk song, whose clean execution makes it sound larger.

  1. Winds Of Change

 This is a forbidding Country- rock song which is affectively of the eighties.

  1. Cotton Jenny

Rustic and lightfooted, Cotton Jenny is addressed to a woeful Jenny, who after hearing the hurried-up short version of her story faces the attack of enthusiasm that is the chorus. If all goes well, you too will be forcibly brought to cheerfulness.

  1. Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday is a dreamy track (euphemism for pleasant sleepiness) afloat with descending bass note segments, swirling mandolin and interjecting fiddle lines.

  1. Drinking With The Angels

Extended, lonesome vocals in the middle of simple conversational singing, this spirited song leans back on roots- with a Western rhythm and casino online blues solos, which nothing can go wrong with inherently if the performance is true, which it is. Mandolin and fiddle vie for best instrumental performance in the album (both played by the same person)

  1. Beautiful Morning

A short, atypical folk tune surprises you. The arrangement creates tranquil prettiness.

  1. Wicked Woman

This song follows an everblue country song format-closely too- the acoustic guitar tone has survived years of potential change.

  1. The Hustler

Slow, uncrowded and repetitive, it takes a person with a special affinity for it to be enjoyed.

  1. Nothing To Regret

Abundant tremolo by violin and mandolin places it higher than a 70s Country/Folk- Pop song.

    10. Thinking About You

There is nothing to highlight here; a band such as this can be trusted to pull off tunes like this.

Final thoughts: Authentically good country and folk musicianship. Country fans will enjoy it in the afternoon, provided this time of day isn’t filled with too much excitement, even if just because of the performance and not the songs.

Picks of the album: Cotton Jenny, Drinking With The Angels, Beautiful Morning, Wicked Woman

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆