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Artist: DeJaVoux

Album: DeJaWho?

Record Label: CEG Records

Genre: R&B, Soul & Hip Hop

The DeJaVoux sisters bring us an intricate and carefully crafted album DeJaWho? That balances the smoothness of Cheryl’s vocals with Crystal’s funky hip hop. And it doesn’t stop here! The album has a fresh feel to it that blends authenticity with entertainment.


Track Rating
Time ★★★★☆
Superhero ★★★★☆
Alright Alright ★★★★½
Show Me ★★★½☆
Maybe ★★★☆☆
Curtain Call ★★★★½
Gone ★★★☆☆
If I Didn’t Care ★★★½☆
Small Talk ★★★★½
Fantasize ★★★★☆
No One Can Love (Remix) ★★★½☆
Alright Alright (Remix) ★★★½☆
  1. Time

A smooth opening to the album that feels like lemonade to the tired mind. With its simple beat, the track gives an airy feel that the rest of the tracks don’t. Definitely the track I would pick to help me wind down after a hard day.

  1. Superhero

Superhero is a little heavier than the previous track with its almost dark beats,but it still somehow manages to maintain its simplicity. This allows the track to focus on the sisters’ vocals and the message. A lovely track to listen to which highlights the strength and poignancy of the singers.

  1. Alright Alright

Alright Alright is definitely the best produced track of the entire album; it does not just have a catchy tune that would make anyone feel cheery. The track does much to instill hope and gladness in its listeners. However, the heavy use of voice synthesizer takes away the authenticity of the track.

  1. Show Me

The sudden and sassy start to the track adds a new flavor to the album! However,Show Me doesn’t otherwise do much to impress its listeners.

  1. Maybe

Maybe is a softer track than its predecessors, but its softness doesn’t bring out the full potential of their voices.However, its beautiful and uplifting message, along with the track’s simplicity, makes it an enjoyable track to listen to.

  1. Curtain Call

Curtain Call is by far the track that demands most attention from its listeners. Its hard hitting beats and strong lyrics make it one of the best tracks of the album.

  1. Gone

In spite of its sad lyrics, the song doesn’t have the same effect as the previous ones. It doesn’t really catch the attention of the listener;it drags a bit, almost to a point of sounding whiny. One pro to the song though is its lyrical composition.

  1. If I Didn’t Care

In spite of its soothing beats, If I Didn’t Care is such a personal track.It’s ironic how the artist has paired such a relaxing beat with heartbreaking lyrics to produce a nostalgic and sad song for its listeners.

  1. Small Talk

Small Talk is such a sassy track! The sisters sing with such command in their voices that when you decide to sing along, you can’t help but feel like an independent person. The added-in voices where people are talking blends surprisingly well with the music. The lines ‘The idle mind is a playground for the devil…’ and ‘I don’t want this near me and my kids’ gives quite a hit to the lyrical composition of the track.

   10. Fantasize

Fantasize is a taste test track; it is very different from the previous tracks, giving neither too little nor too much of the background instruments. This track strikes a balance between its computerized background instruments and the vocals.

   11. No One Can Love (Remix)

This remix is my favorite of the two. It lays low on the bass and synthesizers, giving a boost to the singers’ voices.The rap gives a fresh twist to the song.

   12. Alright Alright (Remix)

The remix of Alright Alright is a fun tune to dance to.Unlike the original version, the fast paced tune allows little to be felt with respect to the lyrics.

Final Thoughts: DeJaWho? is a personal album, with lot of thought put into it. The lyrics are what standout most in the album; it not only provides entertainment to its listeners but also leaves behind a strong message.

Pick of the Album: Superhero,Alright Alright, Small Talk, Fantasize

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆