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From humble beginnings being born in Mexico, Daniela Kuri recognized at a young age that music and performance would be a fundamental essential to her life and she would be determined to make it materialize, anyway she could. She began mimicking musicals and grabbed every opportunity to perform, even if it meant just an audience of a few family and friend gathered in her living room.  Moving to the United States was merely the start of her careerprogression. Tearing down the language barriers with her innate performing abilities, Kuri looked to dance and music to be her creative outlet.


Recently, Kuri moved to Los Angeles and released her debut album,Sway, which is a collection of classic covers. Overall, Kuri’s voice sails through each track exquisitely and seamlessly. Personal favorite for me was her gorgeous take on the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, as she transplants the listeners to the most romantic scene available within their deep imagination.  From the high notes to the low, Kuri has an innate ability to gracefully conquer them all. Throughout several tracks, she combines her first language of Spanish, which adds a sense of sophistication, beyond her years. Added to the angelic vocals, musically the tracks have been inhibited with beautiful instrumentals.

Despite the elegance in Kuri’s voice, the album bollixed up for me with the scantiness of originality. Deducting the minimal Spanish additions, it is just above a karaoke album as far as innovation. When an artist covers a song I want to hear a distinctive version in which deviates dramatically from the acclaimed original. The capacity in her vocals and evident potential drives you more to wanting to hear her original music, something true to her as an artist.

Looking forward to hearing what this talented artist will create with her next album. You can follow her now on her Facebook page at Facebook.com/DanielaKuriMusic. Addition of modern pop elements and additional usage of her Spanish talent can set this sexy singer apart from the stagnate pop artists saturating the market today.

Written by Brandon Hansen