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Directed by: Raja Murugan

Starring: Dinesh , Malavika Nair , Aadukalam Murugadoss ,Somasundaram ,Elango

Music by: Santosh Narayanan

Cinematography: PK Varma

Editing: Shanmugam Velusamy

Produced by: The Next Big film , Fox star studios

Director Raja Murugan, who had previously assisted Linguswamy  and also worked as a writer for Ananda Vikatan magazine, comes up with a film , that is in the expected line-up for  the year . The film is produced by Fox star studios and The Next Big film. Music is by Santosh Narayanan.


Enda Maapla ★★★★☆

Singers :  Gaana Bala , Satheesh , Dhee

Lyrics : Gaana Bala , R.K.Sundar

A Jazz arrangement with carefree lines ,including some famous flim-song lyrics to entertain the mass and customary singing ,gives the perfect design required for anytime-hearing. Gaana Bala continues to rule the ground of the recent times and he is simply superb. Small amount of female rendition does look like a crazy addition to it. Finally , the track ends the soft gaana with a Beethoven touch.


Singers : Kalyani Nair , Pradeep Kumar

Lyrics : Yuga Bharathi

A soft ballad song , enriched by godly appearing accapellas and smooth strings crawls into your ears , like you feel the movement of sounds in synergy. There seems to be a shade of Villa’s music arrangement by Kalyani Nair , who has also done the vocals alongside Pradeep kumar’s semi-age voice, which adds further beauty to the musical. Get on with it.

Manasula Soora Kaathey★★★★★

Singers :  Sean Roldan , Divya Ramani

Lyrics : Yuga Bharathi

You can imagine the visual of two free souls , wandering in joy once you start listening to humming , in the freezing voice of Sean and continues to take the freshness forward with Divya Ramani , providing a brilliant support as the female lead along a recurring piccolo sound. The lyrics reflect a deep meaning and the music by Santosh makes us view him as the probable successor of Ilayaraja.

Kalyanama Kalyanam★★★½☆

Singers : Anthony Daasan

Lyrics : Yuga Bharathi

A soup-song expressed in a totally new way by Santhosh , gets in quickly  and the rustic-high octane voice of Anthony Daasan withholds the spirit . This one is especially for those, who are fans of the composer and also to those , who hear not-so regular tracks.

Potta Pulla★★★★☆

Singer : Sean Roldan

Lyrics : Yuga Bharathi

The tune starts on a light folk mode and takes a simple route, with intricate assembly of acoustic sounds, galloping up and down the number, letting the audience for more. A neat enjoyable track.


Singers :  Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, Kalyani Nair , Pradeep Kumar

Lyrics :  Yuga Bharathi

The second best among the lot , sung by Vaikom and Pradeep is done in a conversational way. There is lots of innocence and reality conveyed through the lines and the voices. After the song “Pudhiya ulagai” from Yennamo Edho , Vaikom impacts and moves the listener to crave for the song very badly. The lines “Aasaigal Theerum Mattum, Kollum Anbinil Azhagu Illai , Venthu Pogira Velayilum, Anbu Thee Endrum Anaivathillai” brings you the real meaning of blinded love.

Picks of the album – All the songs in the album.  No doubt about that !!


If someone is given a chance to choose a composer , who is so much consistent , it will be Santhosh Narayanan invariably. This time, he has chosen a contemporary music and that has hyped the movie’s image to the fullest. Though the singers are a repeat , the manner in which each one has been utilized is commendable. This cuckoo sings unmemorable tunes .

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆