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Band: The Running Chickens

Album:Communication Lines Restored

Record Label: MS Records

Genre: Classic Rock/Blues

The Running Chickens duo, Stefano Dentone (Voice, Acoustic & Bass Guitars) and Marcello Dondero (Acoustic, Electric, Slide Guitars, Dobro& Mandolin) are a perfect blend to indie and blues. As their name suggests, the duo did not play safe and experimented with their music to bring us this feel good album.


Track Rating
Running Chicken Shoes ★★★☆☆
Sunshine ★★★½☆
Me Myself And My Hairy Brother ★★★★☆
Gospel ★★★★½
My Heart Burns For You ★★★½☆
Ready to Rock ★★★★☆
Tell Me Why ★★★☆☆
Drunk ★★★★☆
Miracle ★★★★½
Delta Blues ★★★★☆
Old Memories ★★★½☆
Lonesome Blues ★★★☆☆
Johnny! ★★★★☆
People in a Difficult Moment ★★★★☆
Landscape ★★★½☆
Proud ★★★★½

 1. Running Chicken Shoes

Starting off the album on anuplifting note with this fun and catchy song; RunningChicken Shoeswill have us humming along. Whether it’s the words or the instrumentation that’s catchy, one thing’s for sure: this is a song that will take us back to the 90s!

2. Sunshine

Another elevating track!Though Sunshine gives us fewer lyrics to listen to, it has us delving more into the powerful sounds of trumpets, guitars and drums. The instrumentation does enough to instill us with that Sunshine!

 3. Me, Myself and My Hairy Brother

Giving us a break from the fast paced songs, Me, Myself and My Hairy Brother takes a turn down the memory lane. The soothing flow of the instruments complements the feelings of nostalgia conveyed by lead singer, Stefano Dentone.

4. Gospel

Seductive and jazzy instrumentals enriched with the sultry and gorgeously vintage voice of Dentone makes Gospel stand out from among the rest. The solo instrumentals not only make you sway your hips but also turns this track into a chilling tune.

5. My Heart Burns For You

A little softer than the previous tracks, My Heart Burns for Youbrings out the country side of The Running Chickens.With the singer’s vocals magnified, the song has a more personal feel. Though it may not stir your emotions like the rest of the album, the track provides a good listen, especially at the guitar solo.

 6. Ready to Rock

Ready to rock brings one back to olden day jiving!Though sounding oddly familiar to old school rock n’ roll, this tune will have you dancing the night without hesitation.

 7. Tell Me Why

In spite of the deep, resounding vocals and powerful instrumentals, this track is not as hard hitting as it attempts to be. The composition doesn’t sound as well put together as it ought to have been.

8. Drunk

The introduction of the harmonica gives the track more of a blues feeling which will definitely not go unappreciated. The almost slurry vocals complements the title of the trackandbrings out the hurt of falling apart.

9. Miracle

Miracle can be considered the topper of the album!Dentone’s sexy country drawl melds perfectly with the depth of the instrumentals. The rawness inDentone’s vocals definitely nails the passion of the lyrics ‘I’m hoping for a miracle/because I know my baby won’t come back home’. A track that will have us sipping a glass of whisky and hopelessly singing along.

 10. Delta Blues

A fast tempo track with easygoing vocals and a more laidback feel to it; allowing listeners to get lost in this track. The energizing instrumentals are ironically soothing.

11. Old Memories

Old Memories is a breezy track with a relaxed and weightless quality that does justice to the title. Though the track might seem a little aimless in its arrangement, this was probably done purposefully to give the song a more dreamy feeling; leaving it up to our imaginations.

 12. Lonesome Blues

Lonesome Blues is an infectious track that feels like a burst of flavor in our ear! It is a soothing and enthralling number that creates a carefree surrounding.

13. Johnny!

Yet another track that is a must listen.The solemn opening takes a sudden, fun twist with the electric piano. Here again, we have the addictive,deep and sultry voice of Dentoneadding desperation to the line ‘Johnny, come back home’. There is a rawness to this track that the rest of the album hasn’t touched upon.

14. People in Difficult Situation

Both musically and lyrically uplifting, this song targets “people in difficult situation”,reminding them to wake up and feel alive. Even without the heavy instrumentals, this track strums softly against our heartstrings. This track will help one unwind at the end of a long and hard day.

15. Landscape

This stripped down track is much softer than the rest,proving a point with lyrics ‘Fly away/I can fly away’. This refreshing song has its listeners stuck in a bubble of weightlessness.

16. Proud

This beautiful ballad is a perfect ending to the album. Proud strikes an emotional chord with its enchanting guitar and empathizing lyrics. It is a purely aesthetic song that you cannot ignore.

 Final Thoughts:Though much work could be done with the lyrics, one cannot deny the skill of the instrumentals. A well rounded album that’s a cocktail of fun and personal;itis sure to be appreciated by many. With the catchy name and soulful instrumentalists, this is a band to watch out for!

Pick of the Album:Gospel, Miracle, Johnny!

Overall Rating:★★★★★★★★☆☆