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Music Artist: Strangely Alright

Track: Come On

Genre: Pop/Power Pop

Strangely Alright, a Seattle-based power pop band, has released an extremely inviting single, not incorrectly titled Come On. It’s the kind of song that would not sound out of place in an end credit sequence of a movie.

The reason behind the track’s instant likeability is no secret. It’s in the arrangement, which allows for an infectious pop-with-just-enough-rock-to-make-it-edgy rhythm; the kind that makes your heart soar. The message behind the song, which banks on being yourself and living in the moment, has been done and overdone by many others. Strangely Alright still manages to make it sound fresh and convincing. The lead singers’ impassioned vocals gets you hopeful, revved up and happy. It’s definitely the kind of track you’ll want to bop up and down to. You needn’t be partial to any particular genre to give this uplifting, guitar-happy number a listen!

Verdict:An unapologetically ordinary track that still gets you on a sugar-pop high!

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆