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Artist: Plastic Yellow Band
Album: Breathe Air
Musical Style: New Classic Rock


Track Name Rating
Lonely Place ★★★★☆
She’s My Woman ★★★★☆
Nowhere ★★★½☆
Nervous Stuff ★★★½☆
I Want To Feel Your Love ★★★★☆
She Let It Down ★★★½☆
Oil Kings ★★★☆☆
Alone (It’s Hard) ★★★★☆
Climate Change ★★★☆☆
Sunlight I ★★★★½
Sunlight II ★★★★½
Sunlight III ★★★★½

Album Analysis:

Lonely Place

The album starts off fantastically with a very Beatle-ish track.  ‘Lonely Place’ is a touching slow number accompanied by the constant piano ballad in the background.  The fans of slow, romantic numbers will certainly love this track. The song picks up tempo as it progresses and at no point, the music hams the lyrics which is a pleasant thing. The lyrics are romantic and this song ticks most boxes, giving a great start to the album.

She’s My Woman

On the total contrary to the first number, the second track in the album ‘She’s My Woman’ is a complete classic rock number with perfectly sounding percussions and guitar pieces in synch with the vocals. This song progresses in such a way that it is sure to remind the listeners of the golden era of psychedelic rock too.


Here’s another jump! The album swings back to the slow ballad genre once again with the third track ‘Nowhere’.  The guitar pieces accompany right throughout the song and make the track standout.

Nervous Stuff

Psychedelic music at its best! ‘Nervous Stuff’ has some of the best psychedelic rock experimentations in recent times. The chorus and the guitar are made to good use in this track which seizes the listeners instantly. Highly reminiscent of the good old days of Pink Floyd and The Doors.

I Want To Feel Your Love

What would you get if you go for a cocktail of ballad with blue-ish singing? “I Want To Feel Your Love” is more serious in its approach – be it the lyrics,  singing,  guitar usage.  This is one song which would naturally appeal even for those who dislike romantic numbers. Best track of the album!

She Let It Down

The second best song of the album! This peppy track easily gives the listeners an idea about the band’s forte.  The lyrics are cool & this song’s catchy at the very instant.  ‘She Let It Down’ has chartbuster written all over it. The interludes are noteworthy too.

Oil Kings

The prelude itself gives a very romantic idea about what’s going to follow next. The sharp progression from the soft guitar work to the distorted rock segment is mention worthy. This song gets the listeners straight down the memory lane to the Deep Purple era and the song is quite successful in maintaining the momentum and energy throughout its runtime.

Alone (It’s Hard)

Easily Catchy! The vocals have blended extremely well with the classic rock arrangements. They simply nail this track with the interlude segments and the lyrics which are too classy!

Climate Change

With ‘Climate Change’, the tune is somewhat similar to the songs which we have seen so far but no one can deny the fact that the song is catchy laden with heavy guitar work. The mood is quite similar to some of the other tracks in the album. The guitar usage is commendable too.

Sunlight I-II-III

The album ends with the epic, three part track ‘Sunlight’ which is the golden aspect of the entire album. With lyrics that are well written keeping the mood and theme of the song, this song is irresistible with classy touches all over. The impact made by the song despite being lengthy is immense and it simply transports one to the golden rock era. The difference in the tone of each part of the track is noticeable(the first version being dark and the third version ending on an optimistic note). A great way to end this album!

Picks of the album: Sunlight (I-II-III), She Let It Down, I Want To Feel Your Love, Lonely Place

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Album Verdict: A great album after a long time! Transports us to the classic rock era!