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Artist: Oliver Stevanovic 

Song: Boy Toy 

Genre: Pop, Latin


When the song begins as a light funk groove, you have no idea how commercial it is going to start sounding shortly. It’s when the vocals join in that this occurs; Oliver Stevanovic puts his natural voice on the track, which is, of course, essential in distancing him from the DIY- auto-tuned voice that can give you a hard time identifying the singer, but only time will tell exactly how much more his voice will stand out.  The song is a pop show-tune that could believably complement humorous (silly or a satire on silly) lyrics well. Boy toy contains- a relationship between funk and pop that someone with a heavy funk background may not approve of, a straightforward form that repeats itself with little change each time and Spanish lyrics- and to anyone who enjoys these ingredients, I introduce Oliver Stevanovic. A Serbian who has travelled Europe and South America and has currently settled down with Latin American pop in Miami Beach, his intention is “not to compete with anyone, but to try to have fun and entertain others with my music, have a good time and enjoy listening”. I hope that does not mean he wishes to ignore his commercial potential and that he won’t make a music video soon.

Verdict: Waiting for the music video.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆