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Blessing Tangban is a Folk singer-songwriter born and raised in Nigeria, but lives in New Orleans LA. Her music is a blend of African melodies and Jazz lyrics.


Name Rating
Nowhere Girl ★★★★☆
Pennsylvania ★★★★☆
Harrison ★★★½☆
Fly on Your Wall ★★★☆☆
Revolution ★★★★☆

 1.       Nowhere Girl

The track starts off with pleasant keys accompanied with a soothing voice, and the track goes on to give you a Jason Mraz nostalgia, but then again the song is just more than that. This soul music truly touches your heart, and you can’t help but eagerly wait for the tracks unfold in an equally effervescent manner. The lyrics make the track all the more appealing.

2.       Pennsylvania

This track is yet again a fresh and idyllic insight into this genre of music, it manages it bring back the old tracks that have been forgotten and at the same time redefine the genre. Although the track could have been a little longer for the effect to last just a little longer.

3.       Harrison

This track brings in the element of monotony in a rather surprising and elegant manner. The track tells so many things at once, the routine of life, the feeling of being utterly lost and about how life has just passed by. If the music evokes all these feelings, the vocals seem to tell of another tale.

4.       Fly On Your Wall

Though this track does stand out to be a great piece on its own, it doesn’t really hold a greater appeal. The lyrics probably make all the difference, giving the track the needed charm, adding to the sheer ability of the vocals to impress the audience.

5.       Revolution

Now, this is one song that truly stands out. The composition is what can be called some authentic folk tunes, which transport the listener to another world completely. All the elements of the track just about make it the best track of the album.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆