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Music Artist: Roger Gomez

Album: Behind Cloud Nine


Genre: Commercial Rock, Pop

Roger Gomez is a singer/songwriter who lives in Western Australia. He has been involved in music for many years, playing in bands and recording original songs. In 2011,he competed in the World Championship of Performing Arts and received three bronze medals for his songs.

Track Rating
Monday’s Guide ★★★★½
She’s Always Landing on her Feet ★★★★☆
Right Place Right Time ★★★½☆
Slipping into Suburbia ★★★½☆
Fall Into Grace ★★★★★
Only Lovers Count ★★★★☆
Radio Dreams ★★★★☆
Children of the Night ★★★½☆
Tragic Little Girl ★★★★★
I Will Call Heaven Home ★★★★★


  1. Monday’s Guide

Monday’s Guide captures your attention from start to finish with its lively beat catchy chorus. The never ending guitar riff in the background really gives an edge to the song; making it a great song to beat those Monday Blues!

  1. She’s Always Landing on her Feet

Starting out with a powerful opening, this tracks lays heavy instruments to get out its message of never being defeated. The simplicity of the song allows the lyrics to reach its listeners in a straight forward manner, and makes this the kind of song you’d listen to over and over again.

  1. Right Place Right Time

A lazy and laid back track that calms you down as you listen to it; it has this easy feeling rhythm, perhaps as a way to complement the lyrics: “Here in the darkened night, it’s going to be alright, you’ll see”. However, it doesn’t captivate you as much as the other tracks, maybe because of the many elements the singer is trying to bring together in the instruments.

  1. Slipping into Suburbia

I loved the opening of this track but in spite of the highly energetic rhythm with striking lyrics to match the beat, this song doesn’t quite hit the prime as the other tracks do.

  1. Fall Into Grace

Fall into Grace is a lovely track that incorporates the beauty of violins and electric guitars, two completely opposite instruments that Roger Gomez has brought together into one amazing track. This track gives you the escape you crave for with his soul touching lyrics and angelic harmonies. You can’t help but feel connected to this song.

  1. Only Lovers Count

From the beginning, this track leads you into a peppy and lively concerto. Though the lyrics aren’t as well composed in this track, what I enjoyed about this track was the stunning background choir and trumpets giving the feel of being in a live concert.

  1. Radio Dreams

At first this track feels like just another mediocre track, but this is the one track in which Roger Gomez is able to really connect to his listeners. His voice as well as lyrics captivates us in a way as though he is telling our story. The background harmonization makes the song feel ethereal and does not go by unnoticed.

  1. Children of the Night

Though I loved the lyrics, the background music felt a little bland.That was until I reached the instrumental break which was well composed with balanced instrumentals; the one positive of this track.

  1. Tragic Little Girl

The start of the song gives you the pull it needed, reminding me of old rock classics. Everything about this song feels so complete: from the astounding guitar, hard hitting beats to the musical message that will have your blood rushing in enthusiasm.

    10. I Will Call Heaven Home

A beautiful masterpiece that truly shows the passion of singer Roger Gomez. I Will Call Heaven Home is a work of art and wonderful piece to remind his listeners of what this album was all about.

Final Thoughts: Behind Cloud Nine is an album that will appeal to both the old and young. Roger Gomez has created a brilliant piece that combines wonderful music with wonderful messages that will no doubt reach out to many people. This is an album I would recommend.

Pick of the Album: Monday’s Guide, Fall Into Grace,Tragic Little Girl, I Will Call Heaven Home

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆