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Artist: Victoria Celestine

Album: Back Home in San Antone

Producers: Victoria Celestine, Severo Contreras with the contribution of Juanito Castillo

Genre(s): Singer/Songwriter


Back Home in San Antone, released in March 2014 is the mostly self-written effort of Victoria Celestine. Most of the songs were recorded when the San Antonio-born singer/songwriter was sixteen years old. Compared to the likes of Norah Jones and Patsy Cline, this album puts the singer right on the map!

Track Rating
Deep Down Inside ★★★★★
Homework ★★★★☆
Enough is Enough ★★★½☆
Always ★★★★☆
Adoro (Cover) ★★★★☆
Back Home in San Antone ★★★★☆
Not Here to Hurt You ★★★☆☆
On The Other Side ★★★★½
Clouds ★★★★★
Texas Rain ★★★½☆
Always v2 ★★★½☆
Crazy (Cover) ★★★★☆

 1.       Deep Down Inside

Deep Down Inside has a rather infectious chorus that brims with pop. But there’s much more to this song that its catchiness and pleasing melody; whether it’s the magic of the lyrics or country/jazz influences.

2.       Homework

A decisively old school melody acts as the backdrop for Celestine’s relaxed, country drawl. A solid and easily relatable song that takes you back to school!

3.       Enough is Enough

The instrumentation does much to complement the pace and tone of Enough is Enough. The breezy persistence of the instrumentals provides an additional pair of claws to the lyrics and vocals.

4.       Always

The singer retrospectively searches for meaning in all of the roads she’s traversed. This song could be about anybody. “Every time it looks like I’ve got it easy/ The world turns around and I fall aimlessly…”

5.       Adoro

It’s easy to get lost in this Armando Manzanero cover; what with the sultry vocals and the breathy and lovelorn quality about the lyrics (which are en espanol)! The classical guitar work also deserves a mention.

6.       Back Home in San Antone

Celestine’s vocals nail it, adding flavor to this flawlessly arranged homage to the singer’s hometown! Back Home in San Antone does great as a title track.

7.       Not Here to Hurt You

This is possibly the weakest track of the album. It’s a softer, gentler song with equally relatable sentiments. The vocals do not meld as well against the arrangement; and it fails to tug at your heartstrings.

8.       On The Other Side

The beats instantly suck you into a musical bubble that feels so…personal. The vocals feel magnified and fully capture the bittersweetness of never having let go. Powerful stuff!

9.       Clouds

What makes this the dream track: sparkly, ethereal instrumentation and Celestine’s wonderstruck, breathy vocals. It ends on the ultimate high.

10.   Texas Rain

This is a more laidback number, where the singer sounds at ease. The instrumentals take precedence and that’s totally okay! The happiness/carefreeness that surrounds the song is soothing.

11.   Always v2

Another version of Always, set at a faster tempo. The peppy beats add vivacity to the vocals, giving the lyrics a whole new anything-is-possible twist. While this version is more radio-friendly, it lacks the rawness of the original.

12.   Crazy

Celestine gives Willie Nelson’s Crazy aspin of her own. Despite being mainly piano-centric, the cover feels far less stripped-down than the original. The vocals are as top-notch and earnest as ever, dazzling you at its every inflection.

Final thoughts: At seventeen, Victoria Celestine floors the listener with songs like Clouds, On The Other Side and Deep Down Inside; testament to her prowess as a singer and songwriter.Back Home in San Antoneis just the beginning for her!

Picks of the album:Clouds, Deep Down Inside, On The Other Side

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆