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Artist: Aron Lyrd

Genre: Alternative rock

Label: Blue Pie Records

Aron Lyrd, a Pennsylvania based artist, who has overcome disabling health-related circumstances, is an emerging alternative rock soloist signed on my Blue Pie Records. Every aspect of his music, from the instrumentals to the vocals, is recorded by himself; featuring a range of subgenres and styles and a heady balance of experimentation and simplicity!


Track Rating
Time Goes Forward ★★★☆☆
Psychedelic Trippy Motion ★★★☆☆
Wasted ★★★★☆
Shadows on Me ★★★☆☆
Made in a minute ★★★☆☆
Hey Hey ★★★½☆
Grassy Banks ★★★★☆
Everybody loves an event ★★★☆☆
Day Dreams ★★★★½
Come Again ★★½☆☆
Beginning ★★★★☆

1. Time Goes Forward

This song has no pretenses about it! The background instrumentation is simple, the lyrics aren’t anything to write home about but that’s precisely what makes it so charming. The vocals sound straight-up, sincere and honest. It is a serenade that may win you over.

2. Psychedelic Trippy Motion

The title “psychedelic trippy motion” couldn’t be more apt. This track, which is purely instrumental, is a seamless fusion of a range of styles and instruments that go in tandem with psychedelic rock. The track feels brief but hypnotic in its appeal and the melody practically zips past you.

3. Wasted

This song takes you down a labyrinth of disillusion. Lyrd’s vocals are rugged and grow more and more aloof. The instrumentation, which is initially subtler, comes crashing down in the chorus! It’s one of those guitar-happy and instrumental-heavy choruses where the song gains footing; and there’s no going back from there!

4. Shadows on Me

A darkly romantic ballad with an addictive chorus. The instrumentation lightens up the tone of this track a good deal!

5. Made in a minute

The quintessential rock song with beats worth grooving to. ‘Made in a minute’ also has the vocals to pull it off. However, its memorability is fleeting.

6. Hey Hey

The rhythm of this track vaguely resembles Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes. A harmless, enjoyable song that would do great on the radio or as a start to the rest of the day!

7. Grassy Banks

Grassy Banks is radically different from any of Lyrd’s other tracks. The focus here is definitely more on the background instrumentation; which diverges from anything ever done by Lyrd. It’s softer, more exotic and the vocals while minimalist, effectively complement it.

8. Everybody loves

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an event

The guitar-dominated instrumentation gets you pumped up! However, it feels like a transitory track, with the lyrics being only moderately enticing; though the line “yeah, yeah, love’s an event” fits right in. The vocals here embody the kind of festivity-related rush referenced in this track!

9. Day Dreams

Tearing your attention away from this track is a challenge! It completely consumes you; what with the crazy instrumentals, guitar solo included and Lyrd’s completely edgy vocals! He sounds more relaxed, and at the same time more in control, than in any of the other tracks. A mind-blowing song!

10. Come Again

Quirky beats and muffled vocals make this song mildly catchy. However, the chorus gets extremely repetitive with time.

11. Beginning

This song is dotted with feel-good strings, beats and lyrics that inspire. The vocals are softer and deeper, which really works here. Being a track of relatively longer duration, parts of this song might go over your head… but when they finally converge inthe end, it’s beautiful.

Verdict: Being a one-man show is no joke! Aron Lyrd brings a lot to the table, with the energy and diversity in the kind of music he makes. While some tracks do not quite hit the bar, songs like Grassy Banks, Day Dreams and Wasted, which are refreshing and raw in the kind of impact they make,make him an artist to watch out for!

Stand-out tracks: Day Dreams, Grassy Banks, Wasted, Beginning

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆