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Artist: Radio Drive

Album: A Taste Of Heaven

Producers: Tom Polce

Genre(s):  Alternative pop/ Alternative rock                                          

Radio Drive is allegedly best described as “Motivational rock”. But this has not exempted them from the usual name calling- “Alt Pop”, “Alt Rock”; I can contribute two more: “Ambient pop” and “Prog pop”, although I suppose the music is too coherent for the latter. The most inclusive genre of their music would be called pop fusion, because there’s just no knowing what type of sound they’ll pop into the potion next.


Track Rating
A Taste Of Heaven ★★★★★
Borders ★★★★½
Footsteps ★★★★½
Who You Are ★★★★½

 1. A Taste Of Heaven

A Taste In Heaven brings a very contemporary pop sound with an ambient catch. The currentness is in the short (one to four notes) wordless diatonic vocal segments in between sections of the song (You know what I’m talking about- woah-ohhhh-ahhh-oooh-ooh- those banal lines redeemed only by  the beat and the rest of the song. Note that I’m praising its use here) and the second percussive layer (Boom-boom-boom, clap clap). Apart from the whole creativity with the arrangement, which was done by Chris Garcia, it’s just a really well written pop tune- one of the best this year.

2. Borders

Another song that shows contemporary elements- except this time it’s djent. The psychedelia of the verse initially sounds very Pink Floydian, although this could be their Coldplay influence talking (they have named Coldplay as an influence). There are variations on the verse later with a different vibe. The chorus adds a completely new side to the song- a grand sense of wonder. A surging guitar solo tears through the track, before returning to the eclectic optimistic prog-rock.

3. Footsteps

The chill, hip verse morphs into an inspirational- sounding chorus. There is an immersive mist about their music. The ambience is heavy in all the songs, which contain regular pop tunes; the innovation is in the presentation of the tunes in this way.

4. Who You Are

Interestingly, their next mix is spacey video game Trance. They had to wide open to put such a thing in their pop/rock music.

Final Thoughts: Radio Drive is onto something important about expression through pop music; they deserve to be listened to at least once.

Picks Of the Album: All songs

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½