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Album : Music From Another Dimension!

Aritst : Aerosmith

Genre : Blues Rock

Album Length : 68 minutes

Label : Columbia Records

Band Lineup : Steven Tyler (Lead Vocals, Organ and Harmonica), Tom Hamilton (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Joe Perry (Lead Guitar), Brad Whitford (Rhythm Guitar), and Joey Kramer (Drums)

Guest Appearances : Carrie Underwood (Of American Idol Fame), Johnny Depp (‘Nuff said) and others

Producers : Marti Frederiksen, Jack Douglas

From the producers of timeless records

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such as ‘Rocks’, ‘Nine Lives’, and ‘Toys in The Attic’, we finally have a brand new album, after a gap of 11 years. This is Aerosmith’s 15th studio album, and features the same lineup they’ve maintained since ‘Done With Mirrors’ (1985). The album witnesses the return of Jack Douglas, who produced ‘Toys in the Attic’ and ‘Rocks’ for the band. ‘Music From Another Dimension!’ transports us back to the 70’s and 80’s, where Aerosmith played the distinctive blues-rock that they’re famous for. Read on to know more!






Oh Yeah




Tell Me


Out Go The Lights


Legendary Child


What Could Have Been Love


Street Jesus


Can’t Stop Lovin’ You


Lover A lot


We All Fall Down


Freedom Fighter






Another Last Goodbye



Here’s a bit about each of the tracks.

1. Luv XXX

The opening track begins with a few lines spoken by a voice that seems to be coming from outer space (or another dimension). And then, at about 1:00 the song comes to life with a typical Aerosmith riff. There’s a nice little solo in the third minute – fans in doubt would know that Joe Perry’s still got it. Overall this a really entertaining song, and a great way to kick-start the album. The band retain their bad boy image – this song is about having sex all the time (‘Love three times a day, love your life away, there ain’t no other way’).

2. Oh Yeah

One of the best songs on the album. Very funky, and great work on the vocals and guitars. The chorus of this song has got to be the catchiest one on the album. The song features backing vocals by Melanie Taylor and Laura Jones, and a bit of the saxophone (by Tom Scott).

3. Beautiful

This song shows us that Steven Tyler is still a great vocalist. It has gritty, forceful vocals most of the time that make a very smooth transition to a melodic style in the chorus. Tyler makes it seem so easy and natural. Also, his raspy voice and style of singing suit this song perfectly.

4. Tell me

This is a great country song. It makes use of acoustic guitars throughout its length, and is much slower than the previous songs. The backing vocals go a long way in aiding Tyler do a good job of making the chorus sound deep and emotional.

5. Out go the Lights

The intro and the verses of this song have an ACDC feel to them (also a lot like Led Zeppelin on Black Dog). We see some of Joe Perry’s best guitar work of this album here. The female vocals on the chorus don’t blend well with the rest of the song. But otherwise this is a great song, and one of the best on the album. The song also features a great saxophone performance by Tom Scott.

6. Legendary Child

This was the single released off the album, and it gave fans some hope that the band was still as talented as they were back in the day. This is one of the most creative songs on the record. The guitar solo, though short-lived, is one of the best on the album, and you’ll wish it was longer. This is one of the songs where they really revisit their roots of bluesy-hard rock.

7. What Could Have Been Love

No Aerosmith album is complete without a ballad, and this is the first of the three ballads on this album. Nothing new here, this is a typical Aerosmith love song. It shares similarities with their hit single ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’.

8. Street Jesus

This song borrows elements from ‘Toys in the Attic’. It has an 80’s punk rock feel to it. Extremely catchy, fast paced and energetic, this is a typical Aerosmith rocker. It features some of the best guitar work on this album.

9. Can’t Stop Loving You

This too has a country feel to it (like Tell Me). Carrie Underwood’s vocals add a nice touch (especially in the chorus). Not a typical Aerosmith song, but it is good to see some change.

10. Lover Alot

Here’s another song that takes us back to Aerosmith’s past – with similarities to the tracks on ‘Toys in the Attic’ and ‘Rocks’. The lyrics tend to get extremely repetitive. Tyler hogs most of the spotlight on this one – there are very few and small gaps where he isn’t singing.

11. We All Fall Down

This is the second ballad on the album. It’s a tad bit too sappy (even for Aerosmith), and feels out of place after Lover Alot. Tyler isn’t great on the vocals either.

12. Freedom Fighter

This one features Joe Perry as the lead vocalist, and Johnny Depp in the background. The later parts of the song and its groovy outro make up for the not-so-inspired first half.

13. Closer

A decent slow-rock effort. There’s some interesting guitar work – the short solos placed throughout the song add a bluesy feel to it.

14. Something

This too features Joe Perry on lead vocals, and he somehow brings a Beatles-like feel to it. Another decent slow-rock effort.

15. Another Last Goodbye

The last ballad, and last track on the album begins with a gentle piano piece by Desmond Child. The vocals aren’t as good as they could be (the trademark Tyler wails don’t fit in with the song). Overall it would seem that Aerosmith could have done a better job with this song.

This album is a great effort by the band of 40 years at recapturing the magic and returning to their musical roots of the 70s. But it doesn’t quite meet the standards set by ‘Toys in the Attic’ or ‘Rocks’ or ‘Nine Lives’ (which are pretty high). That being said, we’ve got to applaud Aerosmith for their passion to come up with good material – most bands lose steam as they age, and 40 years is a really long time! Aerosmith have gone through it all – drugs, alcohol, break-ups, scandals, fights and falling-outs. But at the end of the day, they’re here once again with a new album for us.

The low points of the album would be the length (68 minutes), and having three ballads. Fans would much rather prefer the rockers and blues, especially after waiting 11 years for new material (which was last seen in 2001’s Just Push Play).

Best Songs of ‘Music From Another Dimension!’ – Luv XXX, Oh Yeah, Out Go the Lights, Street Jesus, Legendary Child, What Could Have Been Love

Album Verdict : Aerosmith is back with another impressive album !