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Album: Cold Emotion

Genre: Country, Blues, Rock

With this diversely rich album, Troy Lindsey brings alive so many emotions in his listeners. Paired with the stunning Galina Bosaya whose voice is not only haunting but provoking, Cold Emotion makes for one delicious album.


Track Rating
Dark Hour ★★★½☆
Like A Fool ★★★½☆
Your Tomorrow’s ★★½☆☆
It’s Not Your Fault ★★★★☆
Outlaw Love ★★★★☆
Cold Emotion ★★★★☆
End of it All ★★★★★
Better Think Twice ★★★★☆
Kentucky Blues ★★★½☆
One Look ★★★★★
Think About This ★★★½☆


  1. Dark Hour

The opening track Dark Hour starts off a little doubtful, with Lindsey’s voice sounding a little detached from the instrumentals. The hook, however, is the chorus and the bridge which evokes something inside of you to actually listen. Great appreciation may also be given for the vulnerability and honesty in this track.

  1. Like A Fool

Like a Fool really plays on satire – cheery and upbeat music paired with the lyrics depicting a confused man. It’s preppy and funny. This track plays out like a gossip to be shared at the table – it is intriguing and catchy.

  1. Your Tomorrow’s

It was hard to understand this track because Galina Bosaya’s beautiful voice comes across as whiny. That certainly is off putting; making Your Tomorrow’s not Lindsey’s best work.

  1. It’s Not Your Fault

It’s Not Your Fault is my pick for the album because this track is something everyone will need to listen to. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and upliftment. Even at the first listen, this track will leave you feeling less alone. 

  1. Outlaw Love

The perfect track for the road; Outlaw Love picked up every threadbare story of a wayward and intricately weaved them together to present this track. It is a genuine and honest track that rolls spring and summer into one blissful treat for our ears.

  1. Cold Emotion

Galina Bosaya is the roughened diamond that completes the track perfectly. The slow pull of the background music, the drumming that resembles a heart beat and the haunting duet of Cold Emotion leaves its listeners with a faster heart rate and goose bumps.

  1. End of it All

End of it All is a thought provoking track that reaches out to finger-paint your soul. There is no denying the blues influence and soothing tone this track provides.

  1. Better Think Twice

Better Think Twice is a track you cannot help but fall in love with. With its simple yet realistic lyrics, it tugs at your heartstrings. If that isn’t enough, Troy Lindsey’s untampered and smooth voice with the minimal instrumentals is a hard hit to the gut.

  1. Kentucky Blues

Kentucky Blues, compared to the rest of the album, doesn’t quite make it with its half-hearted, almost lazy lyrics. However the instrumental makes up for it.

   10. One Look

This soft, almost ballad like song will capture you before you even have time to realize it. One Look is by far an outstanding track.Its refreshing tune and sanguine lyrics gives the entire track a vibe close to innocence.

    11. Think About This

The closing track doesn’t put its message (lyrics) across as well as the composer might have thought. This track works so hard that it loses the direction it was meant to go in terms of the instrumentals and lyrics.

Final Thoughts:If you’re looking for the perfect album for a person of the open highway, Troy Lindsey’s the pick for you. It will take you from a high to a low and still fill you with stories that will be worth it.

Pick of the Album:One Look, End of it All, Outlaw Love

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆