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The expectations for this album has been sky-high ever since the single was released. Let us see how the songs have panned out.


Song Name Artists Rating
1.Kangal Neeye Sittara ★★★★☆
2. Mazhai Pozhiyum Benny Dayal, Megha, GV Prakash ★★★½☆
3.Oh Sunanda Raman Mahadevan, Caroline, Megha ★★★½☆
4.Oru Murai GV Prakash, Andrea, Blaaze ★★★½☆
5. Sokku Podi Baba Sehgal, Shruthi Hassan ★★★☆☆
6. Yaar Aval Yaro Mohammed Irfan ★★★★☆
7.Oru Murai(Remix) GV Prakash, Andrea, Blaaze ★★★☆☆

1.Kangal Neeye :

The album starts off with a really refreshing song. The penetrating voice of Sittara plays a major role in making this a great song. The instrumentation is simple and that in itself accentuates the value of the song. Very Good.

2.Mazhai Pozhiyum:

 Breezy and vibrant. The beats are great and the electric guitar has been used to great effect. That particular interlude with the distortion is nice. The vocals are smooth and effective. But somehow I always had a heard-before feeling. Nevertheless, good.

3.Oh Sunanda:

Starts off with funky beats. Has some great backing instrumentation. This song has the right mix of melody and synth. It also has a great groove to it. But somehow that one factor that elevates a good song into a great song is missing. Once again.

4. Oru Murai:

This is one great song. Amply supported by some great synth beats, GV Prakash croons away to glory, with some intermittent rap from Blaaze. The song isn’t nearly as magical as ‘Yathe Yathe’, but GVP does do a neat job out of it. The youngsters are sure to get hooked to this song. No doubt about this. Regarding the originality of this song, i really do not want to comment.

5. Sokku Podi

This song is a racy number. Yet again i was heavily reminded of ‘Appadi Podu’ from Ghilli. Musically there’s nothing worth admiring. But its definitely foot-tapping. The deep male vocals also makes this one sound like a Bhangra-Kuthu remix. Nice attempt.

6. Yaar Aval Yaro:

Very good song. This song has all the elements of being very successful. I don’t really approve of the choice of the male singer. Someone like Shankar Mahadevan would have ruled the roost here.  Nevertheless, tune wise, this song is great. Best for night-time listen. And the ‘Thanana’ humming portion of the song is very impressive. Great stuff.

7. Oru Murai (Remix):

Techno, racy version of the original. Its a party , club number.

Verdict: This album is pretty decent. Has one or two great songs like ‘Kangal Neeye’ and ‘Yaar Aval Yaaro’. But by no means is this a great album

 Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆