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So yes! They themselves said it. Twenty years in the waiting. At long last, Metallica performs in India. On the 30th of October 2011, the band whose name defines the music they play, took Bangalore by storm. The 25000 assembled at the palace grounds couldn't have asked for a spectacle of more epic proportions. The atmosphere had all the makings of a metal concert; the smell of marijuana in the air; the long haired metal heads mouthing off; The roar of the crowd demanding to see James Hetfield on stage; it was evident that the show was gonna kick ass. The intermittent rain did not dampen the spirits of the fans in the slightest. The support shown by fans was overwhelming as people flew down from all over the country to catch the boys perform (taking into account the happening of the formula one race happening on the same day).

Guillotine – A Death metal band from Delhi, Inner Sanctum – Another Death metal band from Bangalore and Biffy Clyro – An Alternative rock band from Scotland opened for the event. The first two set the tune for the evening, but it was Biffy Clyro that took things to a higher level. The announcer coming up on stage to inform that the boys would be coming up earlier than expected made the crowd go wild with excitement. The roars that sounded through the arena as the technicians set up the guitars and other gear was tremendous.

As the moment of reckoning drew closer, the fans continued to grow restless. Finally, the music starts, with the ecstasy of gold playing in the background, as the band enters and kicks off with creeping death. The head banging begins and the crowd jumps with excitement as they heavy music flows. The band goes onto perform hits like fuel, for whom the bell tolls, one and master of puppets. Probably one of the biggest highlights of the event was the way the crowd received ‘The memory remains’. “You're beautiful bangalore” said Hetfield in response to the way the crowd sang along. “We hear you like your music heavy. Is that true?” asks Hetfield. After the crowd's reaction, his reply “then let's give you some heavy!” was drowned in the noise made by the crowd as Hetfield started the intro to ‘Sad but true’. Welcome home (sanitarium) got a bigger roar, but the announcement “On lead guitar, please welcome Kirk 'The Ripper' Hammett” got the crow going wild. The solo played by Hammett was simply beautiful, and the way he progressed into nothing else matters doesn't need any more attention, with the fans yelling out loud “Again! Again! Again!”. The intro to enter sandman with the fireworks going up got an even wilder roar from the crowd as the band continued to entertain. Battery got the fans jumping with excitement as Hetfield demonstrated why he is one of the best rhythm guitar players in the world (he's the best if you ask me). To honour the people who inspired them to pick up their instruments and make music, they covered a diamond head song, “Am I evil?”. After the song, when Hetfield put his guitar down, the screams of the crowd asking for more would have been loud enough to wake up the hounds of hell. Hetfield continued to mess around with the crowd as he repeatedly picked up his guitar and put it back down. Finally they all got together to perform seek and destroy and with the crowd singing along, they couldn't have ended the show any better. “We love you Bangalore”! The boys said it themselves. They kicked ass. The crowd kicked ass. In short, the show kicked ass.