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Album : Mere Brither Ki Dulhan

Music Director : Sohail Sen

Lyrics : Irshad Kamil

For good or bad the only songs seem to be playing repeatedly in the bolly music channels are those from ‘Mausam’ and ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’. I’m perplexed by the concept of media trying to instigate curiosity among people by playing a particular track or set of them annoyingly more number of times. But heck i’m not complaining for the tracks from these movies somehow. “Rabba” from ‘Mausam’ as i have already reviewed is a class apart from these modern age songs, now coming to ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ the fact that it’s being released under Yash Raj banners raises more expectations among people, cos sometimes even Yash Raj works under the concept ‘movies may run for the music even if the stories are bad’
Talking enough gibberish i think it would be apt if i start with album review. The ‘What’s Your Rashee?’ fame Sohail Sen has lent his talent for this movie and he has matured in style much more than his predescending movies! Also the album cosnsits of a motley of singers including the ‘Brother’ Ali zafar , K.K, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Neha Bhasin, Benny Dayal and Shahid Mallaya. The album comes with 6 songs and 2 remixes (too many for a bolly album).

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆


Song Rating Singer
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ★★★½☆ K.K.
Dhunki ★★★★☆ Neha Basin
Choomantar ★★★☆☆ Benny Dayal, Aditi Singh
Isq Risk ★★★★☆ Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Madhubala ★★★½☆ Ali Zafar, Swetha Pandit
Do Dhaari Talwar ★★★☆☆ Shahid Mallya, Swetha Pandit


1. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

The album unrolls with the title track which is already hackneyed among the bollywood listeners as i’d already said, but this song doesn’t get boring that soon its got the funk groove and also the desi beats towards the end. A calico of sounds which surprisingly worked out in a good way without backfiring and to top it the insouciant vocals by K.K attributes to its success!



This is one song which i wouldn’t wanna miss on the big screen just for that intro of Katrina in the movie as the song starts. LOL that aside the song starts with a grungy guitar and haunting horns with a desi edge (somehow this hasn’t been missed out in most of the songs). Another well chosen promotional song, sung by the effervescent Neha Bhasin who fits perfectly for the mood and music. Rebellious lyrics video and mad promotion of this song has also made it popular.



After such two lively tracks from the album it is followed by a lightly flat track i dunno if Sohail was looking for a change in pace and music but it doesn’t quite fit well. A romantic song starting with a squeaky kiddish voice (looks like they stole one of the Chipmunks for this track) but once Benny dayal drops in the negativity just vanishes from the track and its elevating withg an enjoyable groove accompanied by Aditi Singh.Joshilay’s choomantar is a remix track of this song by a pop rock band not very impressive i must say.


4.Isq Risk

Fianlly comes the maestro with his crooning vocals for this tempo song , the 90’s voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the tech age music , a perfect combination with nothing going outta place. It may not be that prepossessing initially but let it grow on then you’ll enjoy every second of it.There is a remix version of this too. Isq risk- Risky mix #facepalm



I should say the last few tracks excite me more than the starting of the album majorly because of the vocalists like Rahat and Ali Zafar (as in this track) i guess. (You should honestly check out his latest album “Jhoom”). The song is quite fast paced (back on track) with heavy bhangra beats , cheeky and a crowd puller nicley backed by Shweta Pandit.


6.Do Dhaari Talwar

The album finishes off with a nice folk inspired song gets kinda dramatc and feels outta place in a fun filled album but when listening to it exclusively, maybe appreciable. A kinda situational track with intense emotions which starts a bit slow and suddenly picks up pace. Shahid Mallay and Shweta Pandit do enough justice to the vocals thus not letting it be a completely trivial track.


Individually the songs are all good in some aspects but somehow the album doesn’t feel proper. I would say its worth buying and listening to but not everyone would like the entire album thus the worth being questioned. Apart from that this is one of those few movies where you can listen to these stalwarts of the music industry, all in one album.