Music Director: Sekhar Chandra

Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla and Ravi Kumar

Song Name



Love you Chebuthondi



Nuvvala Oka Navvutho

Shekar Chandra






Anjana Sowmya


Giftulu Isthadu

Geetha Madhuri,Tejaswini


Oopirilo Oopiriga




Love you Chebuthondi:

The youth would scoop up this song. The lyrics are interesting and catchy. The mixing to the voice at the start of the song is captivating. The singer sings it as if it is a classical song and the instrumentals are a mix of traditional Indian and electronic. Some part of the background score depicts those used in retro songs. If not for the captivating instrumentals, the song sounds like a bhajan. The variations in the song are nice and enticing to the listener. The lyrics are a mix of Telugu and English words interspersed quite well. The voice captures the listener and has a peppy edge to it and makes him want to hear it over and over again. This is a new attempt and is sure to capture the hearts of the masses. The background score switches between western and Indian and gives you the feel of a different kind of fusion than the ones you have heard until now.

Nuvvala Oka Navvutho:

The Rap at the start of the song in a sexy whisper captivates you. This is rhythmic romantic number. The male voice has a cool aura to it and would surely click with the masses. The subtle guitar work amplifies the beauty of the song even more. The variations in the score, the instrumentals and the pace of the song engage the listener to the song completely. The Rap interspersed in the middle of the song adds an edge to the song. If not for the tune with which the song is sung, one would imagine this was an out and out RAP song. The percussions vary according to the rhythm of the song adding interest.


The song starts off with some electronics and violins. The voice gels with the pace of the song and is accentuated well. The guitar in the background does its job without the aura of domination. The drum work is commendable and adds the racy tone to the song. There is a good variation in the pace of the song. Slow, fast and slow again only to switch to the fast track soon. The fusion of the melodic violins and the strong drums is different to hear and pleases you. The chorus coupled with the sort of drum work is something you hear in rock songs. The instrumentals have been combined well giving an aura of fusion to the song. The song even has flavours of rock aided by the rock star like voice. Ranjith sure does a fabulous job here. Sadly towards the end of the song, the tune gets a bit repetitive and the song ends exactly at the right time not too short and not too long. This avoids the boredom.


The song begins with some female vocals and is melodious to hear coupled with the piano in the background. Then the rhythmic percussion takes over and the female lead voice gels into the rhythm without the slightest friction. The use of the veena breaks the monotone in the song and adds variety. The voice sounds energetic and refreshing making you hum the tune. You would like tapping your foot to this number for sure. The use of veena amidst the western backdrop is a different attempt and it sure succeeds in gaining attention. The subtle guitar work upholds the song without creating much of a fuss. One would have expected some more variety in the voice and the tune. It gets a bit repetitive and boring towards the end. Thankfully the song ends quickly and breaks the boredom. Sekhar might also have given more time to the veena since it captures the attention of the listener so much and added more variety in the veena music because it mostly plays the same notes again and again. Do not expect to listen to it more than twice.

Giftulu Isthadu:

The song starts off with some humorous dialogues comparing the boyfriend to a silly habit and describes life without a boyfriend with a nice comparison. The song then intends to deepen your understanding of what is being talked about. The use of Hindi words is a welcome break. The actual song starts off with some trumpet. The song is interspersed with dialogues in between and adds variations and makes listening interesting. The lyrics are all about boyfriend and life with or without him. The lyrics are sure to capture the youth and make them hear it over and over again. The humour in the lines is a captivating trick. Sadly, the song barely exceeds duration of three minutes and leaves you asking for more. But it also ensures that you listen to it at least a half a dozen times.

Oopirilo Oopiriga:

The song starts off with a Hindustani musical note and a nice melodious touch to it rendered by the violins. The pace is slow but steady. The violin accompanying the words adds more spice to the song. The song has a backdrop of classical Hindustani music. The rendition of classical notes in the middle is sweet on your ears. The violin work stands out and sets the pace for the song all the time. There are some different instruments used and the percussion has been kept at a minimum only being used to add rhythm. The variation of pace in the voice is artistic expertise in display and the female voice steals the song away from the energy in the male voice.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict: NO song is boring although some songs make you listen to them repetitively.

Sekhar not only captivates you with his music but also with his voice in one of the songs. His talent sure needs to be encouraged with more opportunities. There is a right mix of slow and fast paced songs and no song sounds boring to you. Due credit should be given to the fact that Sekhar has been able to mix the beauty of traditional classical music and the instruments with western music and created a different kind of music this way. He has also experimented with the instrumentals a lot and with the fusion of the west and the east. Innovation is seen in almost every song like the song giftulu and this sure would make this album a hit with the masses. He has struck the right chord with the selection of the singers for the songs. The selection of instruments for the songs is beyond the applause he probably is getting right now. One only expects more variety in terms of tunes in some of the songs. The lyrics are different and humorous to hear in some numbers and this creates interest. Lyricists have done a good job is appealing to the youth. The songs are all youth oriented and they are given something different that would make them see classical music in a different perspective.