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Production : Albert James, S .Selvakumar

Cast: Ashwin Kakumanu, Jayaprakash , Shrushti

Story,Direction,Screenplay: Karthik Rishi

Music and Background score: Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography: R. B. Gurudev

Megha is an Ilayaraja musical directed by a new-comer , Karthik Rishi and the expectations soared up right from the time the project was announced. The cast includes Ashwin , who acted in Mankatha followed by Jayprakash and Shrushti. There is also a rumour that the rejected tunes of NEP were selected by the director and used for this film.


Putham Puthu

Singer : Anitha

Lyrics : Gangai Amaren

A recall version of the yester-year haunting melody   has made the album rich and the differences aren’t too many except for the modern recording done with extensive string section and nevertheless , will infect you good with RAJA effect. Anitha has done a neat job in this track by sticking onto the original.


Singer : Anitha

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

Recent films of ilayaraja (eg : NEP) have a lot of jazz orchestration done and this too, is awesome with the swings provided by the piano, horns, strings syncing perfect with melificious voices of Haricharan and NSK Ramya rendering the exact treatment needed. You will get reminded of the string of kamal’s hits in 80’s through this single.


Singer : Ilayaraja

Lyrics : Palani Bharathi

A pathos song mourning the lover’s separation with the background comprising of soft rock ballad. Ilayaraja ,undoubtedly pours his soul into this track and voice out perfect. An usual melancholy act from the composer , who created unusual melodies and disappoints a bit if the listener expects more.

Mugilo megamo (Original)

Singer : Ilayaraja

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

The weakest link in the entire album, rather a confused one I would say,  trailing in the land between happy and sad moods.The second half is comparatively good with the raja’s dependable string group. A secondary singer  should have been in stock. Not impressed !

Mugilo megamo (Yuvan version)

Singer : Yuvan Shankar Raja, NSK Ramya

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

Yuvan tries his best to replicate the original version, but literally fails. To compensate it, we do have NSK ramya providing a sigh of relief. Similar arrangement follows the entire song.

Enna vendum

Singer : Karthik,Priyadarshini

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

Ilayaraja should do something if he is continue as a composer  and repeats the same vintage influence  created in his times, which are meant only for a few listeners. Karthik, invariably shines with the pep and Priyadarshini’s voice doesn’t work thoroughout. References can be easily linked to “Megam kotatum” and”Sandhana kaatre” specifically. An unfelt song on one side and surprising fade out at the end.

Chellam konjam

Singer : Yuvan Shankar Raja, NSK Ramya

Lyrics : Palani Bharathi

An average setup, atleast to raja’s level with mediocre singing by Yuvan and nice support by NSK Ramya for the nth time, sets this rock n roll feel and  few funk acts. This will ring you songs like April veylile , pudikala maame.

Picks of the album: Putham puthu, Jeevane, Kalvane

Verdict: This movie started out mainly because of the fact that Raja is scoring the music and it serves the purpose to only half. In the recent times , his selection of singers is not up to mark and he always strains Yuvan to sing the songs he cant. If he had gone by his NEP work , he would have achieved  a lot more in terms of lyrics and music. One thing that remains till time is his arrangements and sense of sound. NSK Ramya is the major saviour carrying at least a few brownies for the songs she has sung.

Album Rating : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Review by Nishok Kumar