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Music Album: Mazhaikalam

Music Director: Prem Anand

Background Score: Johnson

About Prem Anand:

Mazhaikalam is his first movie. He has composed music for Tekathlon Systems’ education-based animated CD-ROMs and environment-based animation called “Irony” (Save Trees), which won a couple of awards and was nominated for the Bulgarian Animated Film Festival. He has also passed piano examinations at Trinity College of Music, London, AR Rahman and Harris Jayaraj’s alma-mater, learnt Carnatic and Hindustani music from Showkath Ali and western music from Jagadeeshan and Abdul Sattar, Venkatesh and Sandhya Vasanthakumar. Insterestingly even Yuvan Shankar raja got piano classes from the same college. He has even completed B.A. and a Diploma in Sound Engineering (Audio Institute of America). So he is well qualified and trained in all kinds of music. No dearth of knowledge there. He only needs more opportunities to showcase them which our cine industry I am sure would provide. 


Song Name




Devathai Neethan

Harish Raghavendra,Mahathi



Kodi Minnal Yeno

Rahul Nambiar



Oru Varthaiyum Pesamal




Sadu Gudu Aadavaa




Idhayathil ithu Varai

SP Balasubramaniam

Annai Saravanan


Haikuwai Haikuwai

Benny Dayal



 1. Devathai Neethan

The song starts off giving an impression of a fast paced number but turns out to be a melodious number with a fast paced background score. The electronics used are different and stand out. The fusion of the flute with the electronics creates a nice blend. The looks as if both the singers are competing to excel one another. There is a nice variation in the pace of the song. The song is fits the bill both of a dance number and a melodious song which you could unwind with. The former can take the background score and the latter the voices. The lyrics are filled with romantic words and you will feel love in the air with this duet. One does feel that there is no variation in the tune of the voices and they tend to repeat the same tune again and again although there is enough variation in terms of background score.

2. Kodi Minnal Yeno

You can’t help guessing if this is a rock song because the drum work and the guitar work give you that sort of an impression. Rahul Nambiar has done a good job in introducing a rock flavor into the song but it would have been better if the same song would have been sung by someone with a stranger and a harsher voice that would have made you head bang. Rahul’s voice appears too soft for this song. The song gets repetitive in the tune and you feel if there is anything else to this. Just then the guitar work comes as a savior to the song.  The guitar work towards the end of the song leaves a dent in our hearts for a long time. You do not get to hear such Tamil rock songs too often and is definitely a different and brave attempt targeted at capturing the youth. This one is sure to make you listen more than once if you are OK with Rahul’s voice.

3. Oru Varthaiyum Pesamal

Usually slow melodious numbers have a long instrumental at the start and only then the voices take over. But here the voices take off after a short violin note. The violins are a treat to hear and would make your hearts melt. The female voice stands out more than the male voice. Madhumitha’s voice seems different while Haricharan’s voice seems run of the mill. The many ways in which the same violin is used is sheer command on music in display by Prem Anand. The violins add grandeur. Although the song is made a much deserved treat to your ears by the violins the voices seem to lack variation in their tune and variation in voices and you tend to get bored of them.

4. Sadu Gudu Aadavaa

Ladies and gentlemen!! Get ready to shake a leg-Kuthu style. This is a dance number and it would be tough not to react to this number. Malathi steals the show with her voice. She pumps in the energy and thump needed for this sort of a song. The background score gels excellently with the mood of the song. The introduction of the Nadaswaram/shehnai adds to the beauty of the song. One would have expected a stronger male voice for this kind of song. The song also has sreaks of folklore and seems a bit like a folk song especially towards the end. Most of the song is sung by Malathi with Shivashankar having little role to play except give some background voices.

5. Idhayathil ithu Varai

This one could even put you to sleep with its slow pace. The song begins with no preamble and the well-known voice of SPB churns you to no end. The instrumentals used are a mix of guitar, violin and the flute – all the necessary ingredients of a perfect melody song. The song has just the right mix of these instruments. SPB carries the song on his old shoulders but does a well-trained job and adds to his brand value even more. The song might even make you shed tears if you are in a sad mood. The guitar work is sublime without the aura of dominance and lends the song its strength. The violin and the flute join in occasionally and almost alternatively and create that churning effect that only a romantically sad song can achieve. The song despite its lack of a large array of instruments still manages to not bore you and keep you hooked on to the song and even asking for more despite its snail like pace. All credit surely goes to SPB.

6. Haikuwai Haikuwai

The song starts off with some electronics. This one is sure to make you dance your heads off. An intended disco number. The magical voice of Benny transcends you straight to some thrilling lands. The song uses simple electronic percussion. The RAP in English syncs with the song like butter on bread. The variation in his voice speaks volumes of the talent he possesses. The occasional variation in the pace of the song although engaging spoils the disco number demeanor of the song. The background instrumentals are chosen smartly to give you a feel of difference. The song ends giving you an impression that there is something more to come.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict: It has something for everyone. A “pick your favorites”album.

This being Prem Anand’s first Album, he has done an appreciable work. He has experimented with the songs but I would expect more innovation in his coming albums. He has included the right mix of all types of song be it a disco dance number, a Gaana-folk song or a slow melody number. He has probably created a couple of new genres in Tamil cine music namely the Tamil rock songs and the Fast melody songs. The selection of the right singers for the right song is one aspect he needs to improve on in some of the songs. But he has hit it right with Benny Dayal and Malathi and a few others.  The selection of the right instruments for the song is something a few others have to learn from this first timer. The tunes sometimes do not sound so different and sound familiar which is where he needs to move away and make a way for himself. He also needs to add more variety of tunes in the songs to make them more interesting.