Artist :   Owl City

Genre : Synthpop, New Wave, indietronica, folktronica

Label :   Self-Release(Original Release),Universal Republic(Second Release)

Producer : Adam Young

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This is the debut album of ‘Owl City’, which mesmerized the listeners with its unique touch of blissful and eventful music. The skill of the single person called Adam Young is phenomenal in the success of such a band and the track called ‘The Technicolor Phase’ was featured in ‘Alice in Wonderland’s compilation album, ‘Almost Alice’. Let us go through each track in succession.

                                   Track                                          Rating
On The Wing                              ★★★★☆
Rainbow Veins                              ★★★★½
Super Honeymoon                              ★★★½☆
The Saltwater Room                              ★★★★½
Early Birdie                              ★★★½☆
Air Traffic                              ★★★★½
The Technicolor Phase                              ★★★½☆
Sky Diver                              ★★★★☆
Dear Vienna                              ★★★☆☆
I’ll Meet You There                              ★★★½☆
This Is The Future                              ★★★★☆
West Coast Friendship                              ★★★½☆


Album Analysis :-

1.On The Wing

The beginning music gives the impression of something passing back and forth fast, in front of you. The sheer huskiness of Adam Young’s voice at the right spots is remarkable. The surge of instrumental bliss in between the stanzas are a great relaxer. It gets a little monotonous a little bit into the song, but that is small enough to be effectively ignored. A good track.

2.Rainbow Veins

This track a step-by-step rise from low to high. The best part is that there is something happening in the track always. Even if it is a more or less horizontal low, it has its own charm which keeps you intact. Sudden instrumental meltdowns and upsurges are a characteristic, which makes this track a great one.

 3.Super Honeymoon

Monotony starts to kick in by this time. This one really resembles the previous tracks – both in instrumentals and vocals, but mainly in the vocals. But, as a standalone, this fits in the general characteristic of the album, in being a blissful and eventful song. With simple lyrics supporting the track, although this one is not up to the level of the previous tracks, it does do a good job.

 4.The Saltwater Room

Under close inspection, you see that the tune is very similar to that of the previous tracks at certain places. But, on first notice it feels like an entirely new dimension. The song is set, not on the basis of an instrumental surge, but instrumentals which progress slowly, taking time to get in and fixate in the mind of the listener. Arguably, the best of the album.

 5.Early Birdie

As the name suggests, you can form a mental picture in mind of a bird perched high up on the tree. As usual, the tune is very similar, but again, as usual, the charm is always there which keeps you held intact. The mood is somewhere in the between ‘The Saltwater Room’ and the others, but more towards the former. Not an awesome track, but a decent track altogether.

6.Air Traffic

It feels like romance in the air. It moves in a perfect beat which brings in each speck of emotion in its own moment. Nice background and very matured singing. Everything seems to fall in perfect place. No complaints.

 7. The Technicolor Phase

Perhaps the most famous track of the album, the song again resembles many of the previous tracks a lot. You start to think why can’t the composer think of any other style. But, the song is not worth all the hype. If it were not for the good bits of instrumentals at certain places, this would have been classified as strictly average. Now, it is pretty much considerable.

8.Sky Diver

This one really feels like you are gliding across the sky, amongst the clouds, in pure harmony. It would be perfect for a very happy climax of a movie when two separated people join back together. The instrumental bit at the beginning, which repeats occasionally is the best part of the track.

 9.Dear Vienna

It more or less feels like a mashed-up track, altering the tune from other tracks by a bare minimum. There is no big high as such, but the lows are not captivating altogether either. An average track.

 10.I’ll Meet You There

As the previous track, this one feels like a mash up again with too much of monotony. This one has too much of a repetition as well of the title sentence. On the whole, the song has good attributes, but it is diluted by the remaining parts of the song, where unnecessary focus and wrong timings damage the appeal.

 11.This Is The Future

This feels a bit like Sky Diver, with a bit more matured tone to it. The ups and downs are overall attractive and they feel very emotional and right – the actual purpose of the track. As a name suggests, you feel it in your mind that you are seeing a bright future. A good track.

 12.West Coast Friendship

The tune is way too much of a similarity with the previous tracks, which cannot be completely neglected. Apart from that, the vocals are good and blissful with a medium beat and nice instrumentals. As a standalone, this is pretty considerable.


Overall, the daylight monotony and similarity between the tracks is the gravest problem this album faces. As standalones and singles, all tracks do a pretty good job with some going to the ‘mesmerizing’ definition. Adam Young set an entirely new trend with this album, but no one has been able to follow the unique style of Owl City as such. Overall, this album is a pretty good catch and a great listen, especially for its overall uniqueness.


Picks from the album : Rainbow Veins, The Saltwater Room, Air Traffic

Verdict : Unique and good.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆