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Music Director : G V Prakash Kumar

Song Rating
Ennenna Seidhom Inge ★★★½☆
Kaadhal En Kaadhal ★★★½☆
Mayakkam Enna ★★★★☆
Naan Sonnadhum Mazhai ★★★☆☆
Pirai Thedum ★★★★☆
Oda oda oda ★★★★☆

1. Ennenna Seidhom Inge

Singer : Harish Raghavendra

The album starts off with a real cool song by Harish Raghavendra. He has sung really well and also a good job has been done by GV Prakash with the tune and the song’s setting. Good one.

2. Kaadhal En Kaadhal

Singer : Dhanush, Selvaraghavan

Dhanush joins GV Prakash after ‘Un Mela Aasadhan’ this time with Selvaraghavan too accompanying him. This song will surely rock the young minds. The lyrics of the song are simply awesome. A simple song, not sung so great either but will surely be a good listen and rock the radio stations.

3. Mayakkam Enna

The theme song for this movie. This is surely one of the best ones by G.V. Prakash Kumar. The theme song gels well with the title of the movie. We have to wait and see if it gels with the movie too. Otherwise, an absolute cool composition!

4. Naan Sonnadhum Mazhai Vandhucha

Singers : Naresh Iyer, Saindhavi

This song has a very unique tune set to it. Naresh Iyer has done a real cool rendering in this song. The interludes in between are also a unique feature in this song. You wont guess that the lady singer is Saindhavi. Her voice is processed to sound totally not like her. A decent one.

5. Pirai Thedum

Singers : Saindhavi, GV Prakash Kumar

This song based on the theme song is a very soft and a sweet melody. A very soft and cool singing from Saindhavi. GOod job from GV in this melody.

6. Oda Oda Oda

Singer : Dhanush

The ‘song’ of the album, for various reasons. The tune, the lyrics, the photograph click sound in between, the singing. Everything is cool in this song. Dhanush has also written the lyrics for this song. This song is going to top the charts and stay on the top for a long time too.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

G V Prakash Kumar has come out with a fine album again. He doesn’t disappoint. In fact, he has done a real cool job and the album is gonna rock the charts! Go grab the songs soon. It has a mix of funny and soulful music. A perfect blend for the youth these days!