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Rahman and Bharat Bala combo are well know for the epic ‘Vande Mataram’ album. ‘Maryan’

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marks the entry of Bharat Bala into the world of filmmaking. His close friend and ace composer A.R. Rahman has tuned the music. The expectations are huge. Lets see if they have been sufficiently quenched.


Song Rating
Innum Konjam Neram ★★★★☆
Kadal Raasa ★★★½☆
Netru Aval ★★★★½
Nenje Ezhu ★★★½☆
Sonapareeya ★★★★☆
Yenga Pona Raasa ★★★★½
I Love Africa ★★½☆☆

Innum Konjam Neram
Singer(s):Vijay Prakash, Shwetha Mohan

Right from the start we are treated to a Accordion-Ghatam combo that lends an MSVish warmth to our ears. I could actually picture a Gemini Ganesan or MGR over this tune. This song takes no time to sink in. Its a simple melody with intricately worked out interludes and great vocals by both Vijay Prakash and Shwetha Mohan. I loved the orchestration in this song. Nothing much to complain about. A casual melody thats easy on the ears.

Kadal Raasa
Singer(s): Yuvan Shankar Raja

This song marks the coming together of two big stars in the music industry, ARR and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Yuvan croons this one for Rahman and how perfectly does this song suit him. Yuvan does an amazing job on the vocals. Kudos! Adorned with heavy percussions, nadaswaram and synth layers, this song marks Rahman’s return to the ‘Kuthu’ genre. Well it works for the most part. But it didnt satisfy my huge expectations from this song

Netru Aval
Singer(s):Vijay Prakash, Chinmayee

This falls under the traditional “slow posion” territory of Rahman. This melody creeps up your soul slowly but firmly seizes it until you hopelessly surrender to the power of this tune. The interludes are neatly crafted and the tune is deliberately slow and builds up to a soaring crescendo. The arrangements are top notch. Vijay Prakash stamps his class all over this one and Chinmayee delivers a playful, great performance. Simply Rahmantic!

Nenjae Ezhu
Singer(s): AR Rahman

This single whipped up a lot of frenzy and got people hooked to it. Its a grand song which aims to inspire and elevate a person beyond his difficulties. Rahman oozes with passion and delivers bigtime on the vocals. I loved the charanam which goes “Anjaadhe Thunjadhae..” It does well to break the monotony of the song flow. The Harpejji makes a brief appearance. Rahman has composed so many epic anthems over the years and so one cant help but find certain similarities between this and Taj Anthem, Vande Mataram. Some sequences sound contrived and cliched. Nevertheless as a stand alone song, its great and does achieve the anthemic proportions it promises.

Singer(s):Javed Ali, Haricharan, Nakash Aziz

This song exuded a strong 90’s Rahman feel. Heavily layered, with heavy beats and armed with a snazzy tune which you just cannot stop tapping your foot to, this makes for a highly enjoyable experience. Javed Ali especially deserves special mention for doing his part exceptionally well. Loved the charanams in this song. The energy this song emanates is infectious. This song is sure to be a rage among the youth. Rahman at his playful best here. I chuckled while listening to this.

Yenga Pona Raasa
Singer(s):Shakthishree Gopalan

Killer! In terms of instruments this is the simplest song in the album and yet the most emotionally evocative of the lot. Shaktishree Gopalan seems to have come into her own in this one. She has a melancholic tinge in her voice that lends that extra something to it in terms of the feel. Keba Jeremiah aces the acoustic portions. These two great artists carry the weight of the song with admirable dexterity. Beauty is best expressed through the channels of simplicity. Close your eyes and lose your self in the simple beauty of this song. Only Rahman can produce this magic. My pick of the album.

I love Africa
Singer(s): A. R. Rahman, Blaaze, Madras Youth Choir

Blaaze and Rahman come together to sing about ‘Africa’ supposedly. It sounded more like Carribean calypso music to my ears. It vaguely reminded me of ‘Nana’ from Couples Retreat also. Not appealing at any level. Just fell flat. In my opinion, the weakest track in an otherwise great album.

Verdict: While, Kadal had class written all over it, Maryan is much more accesible and eclectic. It also marks Rahman’s return to pure Tamil folk. A memorable album overall.

Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★★☆☆