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Taking the world by storm is the Malaysian pop singer, who simply goes by Tan.? Folks, I have to admit, I wasn?t entirely sure what to expect here but what ensued after I pressed play was nothing short of pleasantly shocking.? Each track is beautifully crafted from start to finish.


The first single off the album,?Heat Wave? is an enthusiastic pop track that is helplessly addicting. From the very beginning you are hooked on the melodies that seamlessly surround the simple lyrics. Radiating from the song is a sense of romanticism, which hits you straight in the heart. He tears away at preconceived notions of traditional pop music, as he adds his own burning passion with some rock edge, creating a track embodied with multi-dimensions. Beautifully produced it truly is a hit in every sense of the word. He also released a music video now available on YouTube. I literally can?t stop listening to this track on repeat.

His EP in general blew me away, but the other two-standout tracks for me were ?If I Could I Would? and ?Tonight?. ?If I Could I Would? starts with the romantic somber melody, reminiscent of something from Ryan Cabrera but with a modern take. The heartbreak felt from Tan simply breaks you but is complimented with laser sharp elements. While ?Tonight? takes a simpler more romantic approach. Think Ryan Cabrera meets Simple Plan but the 2014 Malaysian version.

In totality, the EP is shockingly inspiring and definitely one that everyone should have. Be sure to check it out on iTunes today. Tan one day will be on the airwaves worldwide.