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Cast : Nani, Samantha, Kiccha Sudeep, Devadarshini

Music : MM Kreem

Story : SS Rajamouli, Janardhan Maharishi

Editing : Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao

Cinematography : KK Senthil Kumar

Screenplay : SS Rajamouli

Direction : SS Rajamouli

The fly which did wonders at the box office is back again. But this time in Hindi. The fly after delivering such an amazing show as Eega & Naan Ee is fast becoming a rage in North India thanks to Rajamouli’s creative imagination. The film is already garnering high appreciation from top bollywood stars like Ajay Devgn, Shahrukh Khan. MM. Kreem is already famous in this part of the country & his songs from “Criminal” is still heard around. Let’s see what the Hindi version of Eega offers us :

    Track Name               Singers     Rating
 Are Are Are   K. K  ★★★½☆
Thoda Hans Ke  Anuj Gurwara  ★★★★☆
Naam Apun Ka Jaani  Deepu  ★★★½☆
Lava Lava  Anuj Gurwara  ★★★★☆
Naam Apun Ka Jaani (Remix)  Deepu  ★★½☆☆
 Sapnon Ki Ek  Kaala Bhairava  ★★★☆☆

Album Analysis :

1. Are Are Are

Singers : K. K

A lot was written about this song when the Telugu & Tamil versions were released. But, I had always felt that the tune would suit hindi lyrics more easily & this one is a proof for that. KK effortlessly slips into the zone. This song is a pleasant number with simple tune & arrangements. However that “Chup Ke” could’ve been pronounced with little care. Overall, a good one !

2. Lava Lava

Singers : Anuj Gurwara

Undoubtedly, the best song of the album(Atleast, in my opinion). The tune is highly experimental & also very impressive. Anuj Gurwara has done a fantastic job in his rendition by providing a haunting touch to the song. The lyrics also stick to the situation. The electric guitar usage is fantastic. Top Class !

 3. Thoda Hans Ke

Singers : Anuj Gurwara

Another bright song in the album ! This song fuses the rock genre with melody. The vocals are superb with Anuj making quite an impression. The entire song is quite breezy to listen to. Fruitful attempt !

4. Sapnon Ki Ek

Singers : Kaala Bhairava

Now, this one wasn’t present in the original. This added addition is also a pleasant, feel-good song rendered well by Kaala Bhairava. However, one would get the feeling of over usage of songs of the same type. This song might be the one played during the titles & the lyrics suggest that.

5. Naam Apun Ka Jaani

Singers : Deepu

Having seen the movie, this is the most entertaining song in the movie, visually. This is more like the theme song for the fly. Fancy your imaginations to watch some breath-taking moves by the fly. Musically, nothing new in this song.

6. Naam Apun Ka Jaani (Remix)

Singers : Deepu

This is the remixed version of the title song. Just included to be showcased in DJ’s & clubs. This album can do well even without this song. Offers nothing spectacular.

This movie is just a push away from the regular commercial cinema we have seen so far. The music is done in such a way that it is experimental & at the same time acts as a strong pillar to the visuals. This fly might work wonders & MM Kreem, with all his experience has delivered another enthralling album. Go for it !

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Picks of the album : Lava Lava, Thoda Hans Ke, Are Are Are

Album Verdict : Makkhi – The experimental buzz !