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Music Album : Making Mirrors

Artist   : Gotye

Genre  : Alternative Rock

How many of you are mindful that Gotye’s video ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ has over 180 million views? Yet oddly it took some time for Vh1 to know this and thus a delayed publicity with the Indian audience and elsewhere (who rely entirely on the said channel for music updates as MTV has abandoned us). Gotye , a Belgium Austalian cross who is currently using a Polish stage name released his 3rd album titled ‘Making Mirrors’ on August 2011 (I beg your pardon reader for the time lag for which I have already stated the reason). By December 2011 Making Mirrors was voted Triple J listeners’ number-one album of 2011, making Gotye the first artist to win the Triple J album poll twice( I have no idea about it, I’m guessing its some serious shit). The album was also declared Platinum after the 1st day of release in Poland (yes you can go through wiki to know this stuff but wait there is more).

Gotye keeps his albums as versatile as possible by including sounds from various cultures in a seemingly perfect manner, his choice ranges from the Turkish drums, West African thumb pianos, a bass line constructed from samples of an instrument called the Winton Musical Fence. As a result the songs run from buzzy garage funk to psychedelic but he claims it to be Alternative Rock (well he should know better).

Track Listing 

Title                                                                                                                                       Rating

1. Making Mirrors                                                                                                              ★★★☆☆

2. Easy Way Out                                                                                                                ★★★½☆

3. Somebody That I Used to Know (ft. Kimbra)                                                         ★★★☆☆

4. Eyes Wide Open                                                                                                          ★★★★☆

5. Smoke and Mirrors                                                                                                     ★★★½☆

6. I Feel Better                                                                                                                  ★★★★☆

7. In Your Light                                                                                                                  ★★★½☆

8. State of the Art                                                                                                               ★★½☆☆

9. Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You                                                                        ★★★☆☆

10. Giving Me a Chance                                                                                                 ★★★½☆

11. Save Me                                                                                                                       ★★★★☆

12. Bronte                                                                                                                           ★★★☆☆

 1. Making Mirrors

This opening track acts as a prologue to the album. A delicate stretch of flutes, a swell of bass  and the unseemingly introduction of the Wally’s vocals in the background just makes this track a clever intro track revealing to the listener right away what he can expect from the tracks to come !

2. Easy Way Out

As soon as the track begins you start to realize that this is one eccentric album from an eccentric artist with none of the orthodox musical elements but it is put up in a right composition, the slightly techno sounding chrous and a quick pick up of tempo from the previous track makes it another impressive overture yet another short track like a teaser trailer displaying all the components he intends to use ! 

3. Somebody That I Used To Know

Ok i think i see the reason why there has been some late publicity for this song , 180 million views! But why? Well you will have to wait for atleast a minute and half to even mildly realize why! This is the kinda track that you have to listen to again and again and might still end up wondering what did i miss? There are some samples of guitar and a impressive xylophone melody.

4. Eyes Wide Open

The song features something called the Winton Musical fence (apparently some fence that can produce some notes, no idea how it works)and its got a deep meaning if you are ready to interpret without just enjoying the brilliance of the song. Looks like Gotye is trying to advocate something but i’ll stick to revealing the musical aspects. However I’m a bit skecptic about the track’s placement in the album but when heard alone its a beautiful track.

5. Smoke And Mirrors

Must have gotten the title from the sounds of the keyboard that initiates the track goes on the same line of the previous songs but gets mildly annoying beyond a point as he seems to waver and get bit cruder with the sounds and vocals. Also the echo on the snare and quite a few retro soundscapes try to give it an antediluvian feel.

6. I Feel Better

A new perspective of Wally’s vocals is being displayed here and speels sheer brilliance, compared to other songs he sound more rhytmic and mellifluous and the music doesn’t get annoying with excessive echo anywhere! The trumpets that start the song could have been more refined. On the whole you will really feel better on listening to this track.

7. In Your Light

A severely underrated song which hasn’t got the recognotion it deserves, man the English folk really puzzle me! The limns around pure happiness and celebrating it through music. The mild and blissful acoustic guitars accompanied by trumpet and saxophones gives it a pychadelic-pop genre.

8. State Of The Art

Not a particularly impressive track sounds more like a soundtrack to some Sci-fi movie set in the far future too much techno trance elements , more than the acceptable levels. Might sound assuasive for a few owing to its slow and melodramatic beats! Can give it a try once without completely skipping it judge the song based on your hearing ! 

9. Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You

Despite ‘Making Mirrors’ being the 3rd studio album for Wally he is still unsure of a path to follow while recording his album , a lot of experimentation with his vocals is explicitly noticed in each track. He is not able to stick to the right modulation and this one sounds kind of gloomy and lazy but the musical composition seems promising especially during the sudden bursts in between the song.

10. Giving Me A Chance

Another track I’d recommend without any incertitude, Gotye certainely has chosen the best form of his vocals for this song any experminetation would have made this immaculate song go awry. Simply appealing cannot afford to miss this track, another seriously underrated one from the album. Though it has got a melancholic touch to it the synths and the keyboards are impressive, all in all a beautiful composition.

11. Save Me

The track begins with an impressive melody and a deep and lively choral chant that sounds strong , the song gives a new definition to love anthems. The song picks up pace as it progress and sounds too positive for a love song. Compared to the previous tracks Wally has interleaved some heavy bass and percussion beats to the song.

12. Bronte

The continuity of tracks in the album or the care to design and place the tracks in such a way that they blend into each other has not been much of an attribute to Wally in the later stage of the album. This might sometime draw some negative remarks from the listeners. Otherwise though the song is a nice epilogue to the album slow paced and harmonical with a deep vocal style.

 Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

The album if definitely a buy after all its 5 years worth of hard-work, Wally is a one man band show who synthesis the sounds of the best instruments from various cultures to produce the best songs , although he might have to reduce his experimentation with his vocals and introduce more versatility to his music.