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Music Composer : Achu

Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathile is an upcoming Tamil movie that has newcomers Aree and Subha playing the lead roles. The music for this album has been composed by Achu, who had previously composed a fairly good ‘Yennai Theriyuma’. Let us see how the songs have fared this time.

Song Rating
Kadal Karaiyiley ★★★★☆
MPM Anthem ★★★★☆
Nerathin Neram Ellam ★★★☆☆
Oh Baby Girl ★★★½☆
Yaaro Ivalo ★★★½☆
Yaen Indha Dhideer Thiruppam ★★★★☆
En Uyirey ★★★★½
En Uyirey (Reprise) ★★★★½
En Uyirey (Unplugged) ★★★★½


1. Kadal Karaiyiley
Singer : Sriram Parthasarathy

Achu and Sriram Parthasarathy are back again. Their previous song was ‘Or Paarvai Paarthu’ from ‘Yennai Theriyuma’ and was an instant hit. This time, they come back with another melody which is again as good as the previous one. The song is catchy and hummable.

2. MPM Anthem
Singer : Achu

This theme song is another fine composition with soothing interludes and great orchestration! This time around, the music composer Achu takes up to render a few vocal portions too and does it very well! Achu for sure is a talent to look out for!

3. Nerathin Neram Ellam
Singers :  Narayanan Nagendra Rao, Chinmayi & Achu

This is actually not merely a song. It is more of rendering a poem with some background music around. Chinmayi handles the humming portions in the background with ease. It is a short and a different composition overall.

4. Oh Baby Girl
Singers : Hemachandra & Achu

This is a peppy number that is very catchy and composed well again! Though it reminds ‘Hello Miss Imsaiye’ a little, this track stands out on rest of the features associated with it. The vocals have been well handled by Hemachandra.

5. Yaaro Ivalo
Singer : Haricharan

This is another fine composition. Haricharan does a great job handling the vocals. The pattern used by Achu for this song is interesting to listen. This song will grow on you!

6. Yaen Indha Dhideer Thiruppam
Singer : Achu

Another great composition here! Achu had a brief vocal portion in the previous tracks of the album but in this track, he utilizes the vocals fully and makes good use of it. The orchestration is brilliant too!

7. En Uyirey
Singer : Karthik 

This is song is another WOW! Karthik is at his best with this melody. A beautiful composition with great interludes. This song has the potential to become a big hit! Wonderful!

8. En Uyirey (Reprise)
Singer : Chitra 

This one which has the same tune as the previous song but with a different singer. Chitra does a great job handling the lyrics of this song! Its great to listen to Chitra in these kinds of songs! Her voice still has its magic!

9. En Uyirey (Unplugged)
Singer : Bombay Jeyashree

The album ends with the same song again with Bombay Jeyashree. Banking on the beauty of the tune, the composer has added 2 extra versions of this song. And its hard to determine which one is the best! This one has a different interlude portion compared to the previous ones and is again very nice to hear! Great composition!

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Verdict : Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathile does not have a star cast or a big banner to boost itself. But the songs now will surely make a mark! Achu, as mentioned earlier, possesses great talent and is all set for a great future. This is one album to look out for! Go grab it soon!