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Music Album : Lovely

Music Director: Anoop Rubens

Lyricist: Ramajogayya Shastry, Anantha Sri Ram, Anup Rubens, Kandi Konda and Sirasri

The album was released on May 14 2012 by Mahesh Babu. The album has a song for the lovers of all types of songs. It has a super-slow song, a medium paced one, fast number and a super-fast number too. So, nobody turns out disappointed. One only wish is that a couple of songs were a bit longer to add more melody to the album. The voice of Anoop Rubens turns out to be more entertaining and although the he has in three of the 7 songs, his voice doesn’t seem to tire you. The selection of singers has been apt for the tone of that particular song for every song in the album and this makes each song enjoyable in its own right. This is one music director who needs to be given more opportunities not only in the music making department but also in the singing department. The fast numbers add a sense of celebration in the air and you feel like forgetting your worries and shaking a leg. The lyrics have been added a flavor of English in some of the songs which is interesting to note. The music director flounders in a couple of fast numbers to find variety and take it forward in an interesting manner. He is able to mix the earthy beauty of the Carnatic music and the Indian instruments with the western style of music and instruments. This is not an art which every musician has. We need to applaud Anoop for this art. One would have been happier had Anoop experimented more In some of the departments of his music. Altogether the album is an interesting dish to your ears at least for the first couple of times. Repeated hearing is not advisable.

Song Name



Dolare Dola

Benny Dayal,Bhargavi,Noel


Chori Choriye

Vijay Prakash,Anjani Sowmya


Ninnu Chusina

Aishwarya,Anoop Rubens


I don’t Know



Lovely Lovely




Anoop Rubens,Dhanunjay


Eve Evevo

Anoop Rubens,Chaitra


 1. Dolare Dola

The song starts off with a lot of mixing and disco like effects- shouts of the crowd and clapping and impressive guitar work. It is a child’s guess that such a song would turn out to be a party number. The lyrics have a mix of Telugu, English and Hindi words in it. The use of traditional Indian instruments in a western instrumental backdrop is refreshing. You can’t just avoid tapping your fingers to this number. The rap in the background gels well with the pace of the song. The lyrics have words that are intended to sound catchy to the youth. The percussion is also varied and a variety of instruments percussion instruments are used which gives variety to the song. Benny dayal’s voice is perfect for the song and music director Anoop makes the best make use of it for this song.

2. Chori Choriye

The violin at the start of the song is impressive. The female voice becomes my favorite in comparison with the male voice. The song is a melody and uses the violin to produce a different effect unlike anything before. The use of Carnatic music sounds gel well and add an earthen beauty to the song. The male vice adds a punch to the smooth flow of the female voice. The song is a cool breeze and you enjoy it for the gentle flow of the song. The percussion in the background is gentle and flows gently. The tune gets monotonic after a couple of minutes which is the only drawback here. The pace of the song could have had a bit more variety. The magic of the voices towards the end of the song is sure to steal your heart.

3. Ninnu Chusina

At the start one would guess this to be a slow melodious love song with a melodious guitar tune but the percussions give a faster pace to the song than our earlier guesses. The music, unlike others, starts off with the voice and then the instrumental and again the voice continues on. The guitar work at the start is sweet on your ears. The voice is melodious but the tune adds a flavor of speed to the song. The voice gels well with the background score and makes you mouth the song with him. The female chorus in the middle adds to the melody quotient. The female voice joins halfway through the song. The female is even sweeter like a gentle wind. The heavy guitar work in the middle of the song sounds good individually but doesn’t gel well with the tone of the rest of the song. The violin work, although sublime, adds calmness to this fast song. The song gets to the pitch of a roller coaster ride towards the end.

4. I Don’t Know

The song starts off on a melodious note and the female voice carries the English lyrics with an artistry of a western world singer. The song is slow paced with right variation in the background instrumental coming in at the right time. The sound of the piano transcends you to a different calmer world. The gentle percussions seem apt. The only drawback worth mentioning here with this super track would be the short duration. Just when you expect more, the song ends and leaves an emptiness in our minds. The lyrics are romantic and make it the perfect song to hear in a romantic mood. The guitar work is sublime and gels well in the background and projects the song in a beautiful way. You won’t be able to observe the monotonic nature until you hear the song a couple or more times.

5. Lovely Lovely

The song begins with a note of merry and retains it till the very end. This one for the celebrations and for the fun part of your life. The male voice of Ranjith coincides perfectly with the mood of the song although the female voice sounds more melodious. The percussion is strong and heavy and the heavy guitar work makes you bang your head in unison. The voice of Ranjith is able to carry the song on his shoulders completely. The background music displays a lot of variety with a variety of different instruments being used to reinforce the mood again and again. I felt the ending of the song was a bit abrupt considering the pace and the tone at which the song was progressing. The local Indian ‘kuthu’ style dance would suit this song to a certain degree I would say. Although the tune lacks variety it is shadowed by the vast variety of instruments in use.  You won’t be able to keep the boredom off after hearing it for more than twice.

6. Nenunnadi

The song starts off with a gentle guitar work that gets heavy as the song progresses. The song is slower one. We get to listen to music director Anoop Rubens in this song. It is not so often that you observe a heavy guitar work in a slow song as this one. This is probably the shortest song with the duration not exceeding even a minute and a half. One would have wanted to hear a couple more lines and for a couple more minutes. An at least 3-minute song would have been more apt. except, this small drawback; the song looks neat enough to steal your hearts. The voice is unique and seems like it is made for this song.

7. Eve Evevo

The Carnatic note at the start makes for a apt beginning before the song takes off at a faster pace. The way Anoop Rubens sings it, if it has English words, I would have thought the song was a western pop song. The veena and other instrumental gel pretty with the tone of the song even there is that fast percussion I the background song. The voice of Chaithra sounds melodious but o the other hand the voice of Anoop gives a kick to the song. One doesn’t get to see much variation in the pace of the song that seems to put you off after a couple of minutes. There is also a slight amount of mixing involved with especially with the voice of Anoop. The song ends with a violin note. I don’t think you will be able to withstand this song for more than a couple of repetitive hearings.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict: Not so bad but on the flip-side not too fantastic either except a couple of short songs.