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Artist: Jason Mraz

Genre: Pop rock, alternate rock

Label: Atlantic

Lyrics: Michael Natter, Rick Nowels, Jason Mraz


Jason Mraz is back after a long break with his new album, ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’. He describes it as being soft, mellow and mellifluous, mostly with the rhythm of the heartbeat kind of taking precedence on this record. Critics have absolutely loved him, to the extent that some have called him the creator of the music that is perilously close to sounding seductive. Does he have a similar effect everyone?

Track Name Rating
The Freedom Song ★★★½☆
Living in the Moment ★★★☆☆
The Woman I Love ★★½☆☆
I Won’t Give Up ★★★½☆
5/6 ★★★☆☆
Everything Is Sound ★★½☆☆
93 Million Miles ★★★½☆
Frank D. Fixer ★★☆☆☆
Who’s Thinking About You Now? ★★½☆☆
In Your Hands ★★★☆☆
Be Honest ★★½☆☆
The World As I See It ★★☆☆☆
I’m Coming Over ★½☆☆☆


Soundtrack Analysis :

1.The Freedom Song

An absolute ‘feel good’ song. The song starts off on a slow note and later picks up the tempo in a pleasant way to maintain it throughout the song. The lyrics are delightful and a further sheen to the track. Gets you humming throughout the day.

2.Living in the Moment

Yes, the mellow does get accentuated in this album with this particular track, or more like, the mellow starts with this one. There’s a transition of tempos throughout the song. Nothing particularly distinct still a great track.

3.I Won’t Give Up

The song starts with rhythmic keys, the lyrics all mellow and the voice all painful. A perfect combination for a prefect heart-break song. This one certainly has the feel that the previous track lacks. The best part is when the beats get the tempo up and drop to a sudden low to enhance the beauty of the song. Now, that’s to savour something about.

4.The Woman I Love

The strings together with the lyrics give the song a country feel. The song’s an attempt to mourn the loss of that someone special, asking her to come back, but the song lacks the feel and that lover’s sense of longing. It could have been better.


The music doesn’t really catch your attention but the lyrics most certainly do. It’s all about contemplating your relationship, reflecting upon something you’ve never have so far, ruminating the bygone memories and trying to make sense out of it as you try to envisage your future self. The song doesn’t really offer in terms of music, but if you’re in the mood of contemplation, well, this one’s for you.

6.Everything Is Sound

A pleasant song, in every sense of the word. When it comes to Jason Mraz, it’s the lyrics that make all the difference although the music is pretty uniform in most tracks. The little variations here and there make all the difference and enjoyable.

7.93 Million Miles

Home is where the heart is. The warmth, joy and the bliss that comes from being at home is penned down into beautiful lyrics in this track. Just when you lose your way and lose all hope, home is the place to be. The song definitely gets you nostalgic.

8.Frank D. Fixer

The track is a mediocre. It doesn’t have anything new; it’s more of a mish-mash of the rest of the songs with new lyrics on new theme. The songs get a tad too monotonous as the album progresses. The songs are met with disappointment.

9.Who’s Thinking About You Now?

Another monotonous attempt by Mraz, but still a better one than the previous track. Mraz’s voice is what keeps the song going ‘cause the lyrics are not that great and same goes with the music. Not so bad after all.

10.In Your Hands

A very mellow song indeed, it’s slow, soft and melancholic. Although a change in the tempo could have made it more enjoyable. The chorus keeps the song going and makes it worth listening to.

11.Be Honest

The lyrics and the music or even the feel of the song don’t really go along well. The lyrics seem to take another direction as the music in it. It’s difficult to understand the track, if not the simplistic lyrics. Could have been loads better.

12.The World As I See It

Another major disappointment, the song could have well been scraped off the album, wouldn’t have much of difference. The track’s a cringe-y attempt to sound mellow and mellifluous, and it all goes vain.

13.I’m Coming Over

Expectations have totally ruined the album, and this track has ruined it all the more. Really, why? That’s what comes to your mind as you listen to the psychobabble that this song is.

Verdict : Jason Mraz was supposedly the maker of the music that seduces you, true, but this album has an ‘undo’ effect on listeners. Perhaps the 4 year-long hiatus and the breakup didn’t really go down well with him as it did with the girlfriend. Whatever the reasons maybe, the album’s a pretty pre-mature attempt for a comeback.

Picks from the album: The Freedom Song, I won’t give up, 93 million miles

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆