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 Album: Love is a four letter word

 Artist: Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz, more popularly known as the “I’m yours” singer which bought him huge commercial success released his new album “Love is a four letter word” on April 13th 2012. The American singer, who has faced lots of ups and downs in his career when he initially started off has finally reached a stable point, where in he has achieved success not only in his nation but also worldwide. His latest album has 12 songs and of course there’s no surprise that most of them would be love songs, staying true to the album name. All the songs which have been penned down by Mraz himself are very mushy and charming which is sure to get all the women gushing about it. The pop singer has won hearts of the women in particular, world wide through his romantic songs, but will this album rule the international charts too?

Let’s have a look at it :

  Song Name   Rating
The freedom song ★★★½☆
Living in the moment ★★★★☆
The women I love ★★★★☆
I won’t give up ★★★★☆
5/6 ★★★½☆
Everything is sound ★★★★☆
93 million miles ★★★½☆
Frank D. Fixer ★★★½☆
Who’s thinking about you now? ★★★☆☆
In your hands ★★★½☆
Be honest ★★★☆☆
The world as I see it ★★★★☆

  1.    The Freedom song : 

This four minute long song literally talks about freedom! Wording like ‘Birds flying across the sky, everyone’s heart fly together, foot is flying and people are smiling’ these 2 lines are enough to make you wish you were a bird, flying around enjoying the beauty of nature. A very laid back track with soft strings of guitar here and there. The song makes you feel light and happy while you are listening to it.

2.      Living in the moment : 

A perfect track to listen when you are feeling all low and dejected. This song will definitely cheer you up. As the lyrics speak about how one should enjoy every minute of their life , living in the moment and being at peace with yourself, the peppy beats accompanying it will not fail to bring a  smile on your face.

 3.      The women I love : 

This has to be one of the best written songs by Mraz. It’s extremely romantic! For all the girls out there, you will love the song and for the boys, if you’ve had a fight with your girl and you want to show her how much you love her, dedicating or singing this song is the best way to make it upto her! The track isn’t very cheesy even though it has love written all over it and the music is sure to make you swoon over this song more. This song is one of Mraz best works.

4.      I won’t give up : 

It’s the hit single from this album, which affirms the fact as to why the ladies love him! The mellow music can get your heart aching yet this song has a positive aura about it. In a relationship there are always highs and lows, compromise and sacrifices but if all this is worth it then you shouldn’t step back from making the relationship work! This is what the song is all about.

 5.      5/6

The name of the track will get you puzzled, but no this track isn’t about random stuff as the name suggests it. It’s about how one should live life to the fullest. The music and how Mraz’s modulates his voice to suit the tune is something to watch out for. This one is a must listen!

6.      Everything is sound : 

It’s a very joyful amorous track. Mraz’s silky smooth voice and his guitar skills are very admirable. The beats of this track would make you want to wave your hands high up in the and sing along especially when he sings ‘Ha ha la la la, Ha ha la la la, lets all sing, lay down, everything is sound, lets sing to be happy’!

 7.      93 million miles : 

This track is something different from the usual love songs. It’s about assurance that there will always be someone out there taking care of you. The music again is harmonious but morbid, compared to the other tracks which have a happy tune.

 8.      Frank D. Fixer : 

This song is a tribute to his grandad hence it’s very personal and emotional. Listening to it will remind you of your grandad too and the times you’ve spent with him! In all, it’s a nice gloomy song.

 9.      Who’s thinking about you now? 

For some reason the music will remind you of John Mayer. Yes, Jason Mraz and John Mayer are very similar as they make the same kind of music, this track somehow has high resemblance to that of Mayer’s music. It’s a pleasant track but not up to the standard which is set by other tracks in the album.

 10.  In your hands : 

The track has a very jazz feel to it in the beginning. Like most Mraz songs this one is no different, it’s dreamy, idyllic and melodic.

 11.  Be honest : 

Another jazz track but this one doesn’t quite work. The song is about being honest as the name  suggests. The song is too slow for liking, you might lose interest in listening to the song within a minute or so.

 12.  The world as I see it : 

This track is a must listen because it’s a completely different from the other tracks in the album in terms of lyrics and music. The songs talks about how the singer see’s the world, his point of view and how a bird would see it and so on. The music and Mraz’z voice is is heavy and loud compared to the other tracks which are soft. Surprisingly it’s a fast paced track and you are going to love it!

Overall ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict: It’s amazing how easily Mraz presents complex set of emotions so adeptly not only through the wordings but also through his voice. Happy is the word to describe this album. The album has a lot more to offer other than the gorgeous love songs. There are other tracks which touch upon various other topics and Mraz sings it with so much perfection. Best tracks include:’Living in the moment’.’The women I love’, ‘I won’t give up’ and ‘The world as I see it’.

It’s an album which is a mixture of great music, lovely vocals and some sensitive yet powerful wordings in equal proportion. An impressive work by the singer !