Album : Looking 4 myself

Artist : Usher

The pop American artist, Usher released his seventh studio album on June 12th 2012. One of the most awaited albums of this year, this album has received a lot of positive feedback from the critics. Usher, who is one of the best selling artist in the American music history has never failed when it comes to entertaining the audience with his songs and his dance moves. Song’s from his previous albums such as ‘Yeah!’,  ‘Love in this club’, ‘Dj got us falling in love again’ etc was not only hot on the international charts but was a popular dance number played in clubs all over the world.

His latest album ‘Looking 4 myself’ which is almost an hour long contains 14 songs. The hit single, ‘Climax’ is already a favorite among the audience, followed by the track ‘Scream’. But will the audience like the other songs in the album too? Let’s have a look at it –

Song name Rating
Can’t stop, Won’t stop ★★★★☆
Scream ★★★★☆
Climax ★★★★☆
I care for U ★★★½☆
Show me ★★★½☆
Lemme see feat Rick Ross ★★★☆☆
Twisted feat Pharrell ★★★★☆
Dive ★★★☆☆
What happened to U ★★★☆☆
Looking 4 myself feat Luke Steele ★★★☆☆
Numb ★★★½☆
Lessons for the lover ★★★☆☆
Sins of my father ★★★☆☆
Euphoria ★★★★☆

  1. Song name : Can’t stop won’t stop

 Song name : Can’t stop won’t stop

Starts off with a very groovy music which you are sure to like and get on the dance floor to shake a leg. Beats of this track are brilliant and the music creates a very happy atmosphere. This one deserves to be on your party play list.

Song name : Scream

This track has a very different tune from the usual fast club tracks. This one is fast paced too and Usher’s voice gives the music the perfect touch which is required. The tune is sexy, fast and seductive which makes it a ideal track to dance on with your partner.

Song name : Climax

The hit single, is definitely one of the best tracks in the album. The wordings are lovely and the  pleasing music accompanying it will make you love this song.

Song name : I care for U

This 4 minute long song speaks beautifully about how hard he is finding it to express his love. The  slow beats and Usher’s gorgeous voice leaves you asking more of it.

Song name : Show me

Another club music track but a slow paced one. This is one track which you would enjoy listening to while sitting in a pub sipping on your favorite drink.

Song name : Lemme see

Somehow the beats of this track aren’t very impressive but it is covered up by the sexy naughty wordings and Usher singing it in his silky seductive tone. Not a track which you would like it on first listen.

Song name : Twisted

This one sounds a lot like a country track which you would love to dance on. Something very different from Usher’s usual music. The tune is slow yet very appealing to the ears, this one is a must listen.

Song name : Dive

Dive is a song which should be listened for it’s lyrics. The tune is too slow for one’s taste hence you can lose your interest very soon unless you’re carefully listening to the wordings.

Song name : What happened to U

This song doesn’t really impress you. The lyrics aren’t that great and the music isn’t catchy enough to keep you held on to it. Though you might like how Usher’s voice sounds in this track.

Song name : Looking 4 myself

This track isn’t too bad, but there are other club tracks which are much better than this one because it can get a little boring. This one is a disappointment.

Song name : Numb

Music of this track is better than the previous few songs, as not only the tune but even flawless vocals blow you away. Beats are nice and happy which will get your feet tapping.

 Song name : Lessons for the lover

Starts off on a very gloomy note which continues throughout the song. If you’ve loved Usher’s previous sulky tracks then you would like this one too.

Song name : Sins of my father

Another grim track but extremely meaningful mainly because it relates to the artist personally. Though you would probably skip this track as it gets too monotonous.

Song name : Euphoria

An amazing track to end the album with. The music is superb and the vocals make the song even more splendid. This one is a must listen for all you party goers as you will love this one.

Verdict : The album kick starts well, gets a little out of place in between but ends brilliantly. It’s an album which you will surely love as it contains songs which will not only make you want to dance but also silently sit and listen to some dreary tracks which the album offers. ‘Can’t stop won’t stop’, ‘Climax’, ‘Scream’ and ‘Euphoria’ are the best tracks in the album which are sure to top the charts very soon.

Do not miss out on this one as it will not disappoint you and will be an addition to your favorite song play list.

Overall ★★★★★★★★☆☆